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Mr. Richard Katz
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Washington Middle School
Class Information:
Room Number: 107
Students per Class: 145 to 150 (five classes)
Class Description:
I teach 15- 16 year olds all about their world through the study of Geography. Unlike most adults in this country my students not only know where places (location) are but why they are there and why they work or not.
AP Human Geography Teacher
My kids are very visually oriented so it is a great hook to be able to use anything that gets them excited about learning Geography and willing to actually participate.
My Philosophy:
We focus is on physical, cultural and applied geography with the goal of learning how to approach problems from a geographic perspective. Anything that is on, above or below the earth is fair game in our study of Geography. So we study music, foods, catastrophic events, language as well as what makes places unique and challenging to live there. We also try to focus more on the developing world than the West.
Personal Information:
About Me:
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada I have lived in the USA for 20 years now
College and Degrees:
BA from McGill University in Montreal; MA from Antioch University in Seattle, WA.
photography, reading, travel, teaching teachers
Favorite Books:
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Favorite Quotes:
"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." Jackie Robinson
developing world, geography, Israel
Employment History:
I have been teaching in Seattle since 1995 with the Seattle School District, and in the same classroom since 1996 at Washington Middle but this year I started at Roosevelt High School. Before that I taught in Montana, in Montreal, Canada and overseas in Israel. For the last four years I have been teaching new teachers how to teach social studies methods at Antioch Seattle.
Why Do I Teach?:
To change the world and to touch the future. Every kid I teach I dig hooks into that might come out this year, but usually much later. I push my students to a level they often have not been challenged to before. They rise to the occasion and surprise themselves how hardworking and bright they can be.