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 Ms. Drew Currently working as an Elementary Librarian at a small Title 1 school with Preschool through Sixth Grade Dec 10, 2012
 Jon Ketchum has donated $5.00 to Audrey Drew Aug 19, 2009
Ms. Audrey Drew
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Northwood Elementary School
Lincoln, Nebraska
Class Information:
Room Number: Library
Students per Class: Appox. 400
Class Description:
My class consists of students from a variety of ethic and cultural backgrounds. We are a Title One school with approximately 85% of our students receiving free or reduced breakfast/lunch. Transient rate is high with current turn over of 11 students this year. I stress integration of subjects and work with students learning to plan, collaborate, and produce products. I strongly feel that collaboration is one of the skills that will help them throughout their education and in the work force. However, at times this can be challenging as we have little in the way of supplies or technology. I should mention that our classroom was created after the year started due to overcrowding.
A dedicated laptop, projector with document camera, and Smart Board. A class set of netbooks would be wonderful! However, this is probably a pipe dream.
My Philosophy:
All students have talents and special abilities. It is my job to help students discover these and to apply them to their learning. I want my students to be self motivated life long learners. If I can get a child to want to learn about a topic/area on their own without me assigning that learning experience then I have done my job.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am definitely a life long learner and a "jack of all trades." I am married to a biologist and have been his field hand a number of times. We also have two wonderful children who also occasionally are assistant biologists. I also love travel and meeting new people, having been to 46 states and 6 countries so far.
College and Degrees:
University of Nebraska - LIncoln: BS in Elementary Education Utah State University - B.S. in Psych., minor in Biology Utah State University - Masters in Secd. Ed. Science Universityof Washington - Endorsement in Library Science
Downhill skiing, rock climbing, hiking, at times running, travel, reading, camping, fishing, and encouraging and working with my own children. We travel a lot to visit and relatives in the Midwest and also try to go to new places with our family at least once a year.
Favorite Books:
Three Cups of Tea, The Last Lecture, Marley and Me, Reading Lolita in Tehran, The Story of Salt, Lucky Man, Angela's Ashes, Armadillo Tattletale, Tut, Tut, Bad Beginning, All of the Harry Potter Series, Time Flies, Jumanji, Floatsom, Moon Girl, Chicken Sunday, Any Patricia Polacco book, Chrysanthemum, Molly Lou Mellon, and too many to mention.
Favorite Quotes:
“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” Quoteby Lloyd Alexander
Creating Curriculum, New Movements in Education, Technology applications, Learning about Different Cultures, Community Service, and Environmental Issues,
Employment History:
College Station Independent School District Utah State University AnchorageSchool District
Why Do I Teach?:
Information Technology Skills, Library Skills, and Literature Appreciation, and Research Skills