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 Ms. Pope We are enjoying the new library and things are smoother this year! Jan 10, 2012
 Ms. Pope is waiting to move into the new library in two weeks!!!! Sep 22, 2010
 Ms. Pope is teaching tall tales, Caldecott, fables, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the Almanac Apr 07, 2010
 Ms. Pope is having book fair this week!!! Mar 22, 2010
 Ms. Pope Listening to Dewey Rap on Teacher Tube-Kids love it and they have remembered the ten classes and an example in each!!! YEAH! Feb 25, 2010
 Renee Pope has added to their wishlist Jan 27, 2010
 Renee Pope has added the lesson plan Colonial America Jan 27, 2010
 Ms. Pope Third grade is on their last week of Note Taking for their Native American Projects! We went over a work cited today! Jan 27, 2010
 Renee Pope has added the lesson plan Underground Railroad Jan 27, 2010

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Here is the technology that Renee Pope has acquired through Digital Wish:
Flip UltraHD™ 120-minute Camcorder 2-for-1!, Flip UltraHD™ 120-minute - 2 for $150
Ms. Renee Pope
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Makefield Elementary School
Class Information:
Average number of students in class:: 25 students
Number of students I teach:: 494 students