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Ms. Amy Cody
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Walton Verona Jr Sr High Sch
Boone Co. KY
Class Information:
Room Number: 104
Students per Class: 65
Class Description:
I teach 7 and 8 grade Language Arts in a public independent district. Our school is primarily rural, but our area is growing fast and soon we will split as a 7-12 school and become a middle school!
Language Arts
We have only 2 working digital cameras and I can think of ways to use video, IPODS, and a million other things IF ONLY we could afford it.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I have been teaching 9 years. I was in the US Army right out of high school, then moved on to be a stay-at-home mom with my two children and once they began school full time, I decided it was time to pursue my dream of teaching! I am a projects based teachers- believing in inquiry and student choice as the foundation of learning.
College and Degrees:
I have the top degree in my district, the only one in my school- I am National Board Certified in Early Adolescent/EnglishLanguage Arts. I continue to learn and grow through conferences, workshops and via online learning.
I am involved in BookFest through our local university- creating the teacher resource page for the selected books. www.nku.edu/~bookfest I am the writing cluster leader for the middle school and the Academic Team coach for the Jr. high. I am the editor of the KY Council Teachers of English/Language Arts Newsletter and on the board. A KY Colonel, former graduate of the Northern KY Teacher Leadership Group, and recent Golden Apple Award winner- I have experienced many things in education and look forward to the many, many more I am yet to experience!
Favorite Books:
Garth Nix- Sabriel series and The Time Traveler's Wife
Bicycling, reading/writing young adult novels and poetry, dulcimer, singing, curriculum development, tying classroom to community service/service learning projects
Employment History:
US Army out of high school- 4 years Gibson Greeting Cards- Order Filler- 2 years Stay-At Home Mom- 10 years Teacher Aide- Calvary Christian School- 2 years Sub/Full-TimeStudent-4 years Teacher- Walton-Verona High School- past 9 years
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because a teacher first made a difference in my life. Ms. Henry in the ninth grade showed me she cared and that I mattered. She also helped me to love learning- particularly English. I also didn't particularly enjoy my school years, often painful and lonely- and I try understand where kids are and how they feel by relating back to how I felt. I listen to and love my students first and then teach.