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Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands, $7000.00, 0.00% raised
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Most classrooms, with the exception of World Language have access to chromebooks. However, the World Language department have received training on using chromebooks in the classroom. I have many ideas on how to use chromebooks ranging from Google classroom, Edpuzzle, YouTube, Quizlet and to do these my students need access to chromebooks. If I receive the chromebooks, I will share them with my World Language teaching partner so that the whole sixth grade will benefit. Many students do not have computer access at home and this is another reason giving them access during classroom time is a priority for me.
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 Megan Perez has added Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands to their wishlist Jan 31, 2018

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Ms. Megan Perez
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James Moran Middle School
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