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Dell 3100 Series 11.6" Chromebook, $2440.00, 0.00% raised
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We have just enough for all students. We hope to have a higher enrollment next school year in which we will need more.
Quantity: 10 Price: $244.00

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 Matthew Gilger has started a fundraiser, Technology for SJS, for Matthew Gilger Oct 02, 2019
 Matthew Gilger has added the lesson plan Intro to the Cardiovascular System Hybrid Lesson Mar 05, 2018
 Matthew Gilger has added Dell 3100 Series 11.6" Chromebook to their wishlist Mar 05, 2018

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Mr. Matthew Gilger
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St Joseph School
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I teach because I want to be a role model for children. Some kids are not fortunate to have any positive role models, and I want to be exactly that for them. I hope to help as many children as I can through the most important stages of their lives.