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Ms. Anna Jacob
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Sacred Heart Parochial School
Waterford, Ireland
Class Information:
Students per Class: 22
Class Description:
I have 22 amazing students who work harder than most adults I know! They stay late after school, always push themselves to tackle extra credit assignments, email me whenever they are unsure about homework, and consistently impress me with their work ethic. My students are not from wealthy backgrounds but they make sacrifices to buy school materials, project resources, to turn up at school fund raisers. These children truly value education.
My students love to act. They regularly perform skits, make presentations to demonstrate their knowledge in every subject and perform Reader's Theatre. We would love a video camera so we can document and share this creativity and effort.
My Philosophy:
I believe in making learning fun, in making it relevant and in insisting children work HARD. I dedicate my life to teaching and expect my students to fully dedicate themselves to learning. Every child can and will learn and they will laugh and have fun while doing so :)