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 Digital Wish has awarded the Vocabulary and Humor for High School Students - June grant to Ami Wicks Jul 17, 2014

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Here is the technology that Ami Wicks has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Vocabulary and Humor for High School Students - June
Ms. Ami Wicks
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Chelsea High School
Chelsea, AL
Class Information:
Room Number: Portable 6
Students per Class: 26
Class Description:
English 9, regular ed students. I truly believe these are the kids who are falling through the cracks. There are programs in place to help the very low achievers and the very high achievers. Those in the middle -- our average students -- shouldn't be forgotten.
English and Spanish teacher
Technology. Ha. Sorry to be vague. But I love it all, and it all has a value in the 21st century classroom.
My Philosophy:
School does not have to be miserable for students (or teachers!) . . . It's time that we take a serious look at educational reform. What worked in years past does not work now. With College and Career Ready Standards at the fore front of educational agendas, I believe that ultra-successful business models should be used as exemplars for the classroom. I know that I can create an atmosphere and provide a learning experience for my students that actually MATTERS. Good-bye to lectures and boredom. Hello to student engagement and REAL LEARNING. I cannot wait!
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a teacher, a wife, and a mom. Each of these could be a full time job, so I do a lot of juggling. Life is great.
College and Degrees:
M.Ed. in Reading Education, Auburn University Montgomery B.S. in Secondary English and Spanish Education, Auburn University
Favorite Books:
The Help by Katherine Stockett The Road by Cormac McCarthy Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Why Do I Teach?:
I love students. And I love teaching English Language Arts. More importantly, I am on a mission to spread kindness and teach my students that their greatest hopes and dreams are attainable. I want to be a leader in educational reform by exemplifying the idea that a child's school day should be an exciting learning experience, not something that is dreaded and despised. I'm on a mission -- and I can't wait to see the great things that are going to happen!
Percent of Students are:
     At-risk: 20 %
     Average: 70 %
     High-achiever: 10 %
Percent of Students are:
     White/Caucasian : 70 %
     Hispanic: 10 %
     African American: 20 %
Average number of students in class:: 26 students
Number of students I teach:: 105 students