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Mrs. Nancy Taylor
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Cook Primary School
Adel, GA
Class Information:
Room Number: 502
Students per Class: 18
Class Description:
I teach a self-contained regular second grade class. We have 13 second grade classes in our K-2 school. I am one of five teachers who won an HP Technology for Teaching Grant last year and the only one in my county to recieve the Jump Start Grant this year. I use my granted equipment daily in my teaching. I recieved a CPS unit from the Jump Start Grant and am using it for review and tests this year. I also use the six computers in my classroom daily for my students to practice skills they have learned.
One of my greatest needs is for a SmartBoard or other type of interactive board. We only have one in our school, but I would use it daily if I had it in my room. I have seen how excited the students get when using an interactive board.
My Philosophy:
I think that all students can learn, but some learn in different ways. I think children today need to learn how to use all types of technology to prepare them for adulthood. I don't think worksheets are the best way for today's students to learn. They need more hands-on and real-life practice. Technology is a great way to inhance learning in all subject areas.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I have been married for 34 years and have two grown daughters. Both of our daughters are married and I now have two great sons as a result. My youngest daughter is expecting a child in February and I will finally become a grandmother. I am so looking forward to that!
College and Degrees:
After a career in hairstying of eighteen years I decided to go to college. I graduated from Valdosta State University with honors. Several years later I graduated from Georgia Southwestern University with a Master of Education in Early Childhood.