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 Joyce DePergola has added the lesson plan RTI FLIP Oral Reading Portfolio - Sacajawea, 3rd Grade, originally written by Sueann Galt Apr 10, 2012
 Janet Blissit, Kim Goldberg and Janet Blissit have donated $25.00 to Joyce DePergola Aug 29, 2011
 Digital Wish has awarded the Clip Art Station Grant - 07/2011 grant to Joyce DePergola Aug 20, 2011

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Here is the technology that Joyce DePergola has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Clip Art Station Grant - 07/2011
Mrs. Joyce DePergola
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Pinellas Primary Academy
Seminole, Florida
Class Information:
Room Number: Small Group
Class Description:
Small group, RTI, ESE, Reading Intervention
ESE Specialist
Software to support struggling readers and ESE students.
My Philosophy:
We are only limited by our imaginations. Students can best learn and implement 21st Century skills with the integration of technology and self-expression.