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Mrs. Teri Miller
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Ft Miami Elementary School
St. Petersburg, FL
Class Information:
Room Number: 1054
Students per Class: 20-25
Class Description:
Kindergarten - still a very social place, but changing the ways we learn and teach require new technology and hands on instruction.
25 ipads
My Philosophy:
Students all learn differently. Lately, our generation of Kindergarteners loves to interact with computers and tablets. I provide both hands on instruction and have a smartboard in my room. One smartboard does not reach the whole class though. I feel that there is more opportunity to work as teams, learn to share ideas and techniques and become proficient learners that are ready for the challenges of the next generation of occupations.
Personal Information:
About Me:
Raised in the southeast United States, I have taught in four states grades K to 2. happily married for over 27 years...all the children lovely!
College and Degrees:
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Volunteer for several community organizations and church groups including Girl Scouting, Lifeteen, Christ Renews His Parish, Cursillo and Heartbeat of Toledo.
Favorite Books:
Dr. Seuss You Don't Know How lucky You Are Nancy Drew Mysteries...I read all of them by age 13 Biographies Podcasts,Nook, etc.
Favorite Quotes:
Truth does not always follow the majority.
Gardening Swimming
Employment History:
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Why Do I Teach?:
After 26 years in the classroom, the challenge of preparing future generations still exist. It is more about where do I see my students in 20 years? I am challenging myself this year to encourage technology in my classroom as early as possible to meet the changing needs of careers in the future of my Kindergarteners. Are they ready to use computers for research, diagnosis and other problem solving jobs or will they simply be using computers for social networking? I hope to expand their world as I expand mine!