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Teachers and Non Profit Educational Organizations
We invite anyone who is a part of a non-profit educational organization serving PreK-12 students or higher education to register for Digital Wish. Therefore, teachers, administrators, district technology coordinators, school libraries, principals, YMCAs, non-profit charter schools, and more are welcome to join Digital Wish.
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Donors and Volunteers
Anyone who would like to donate funds to schools or volunteer is invited to get involved with Digital Wish. Therefore, parents, relatives, community members, local businesses, and larger corporations are welcome to join Digital Wish and make charitable, tax-deductible donations to schools to support 21st century learning or volunteer to help on class projects. Cash donations can be made to individual classes, schools, and even entire counties. Product donations can be made by purchasing goods directly from the teacherís wish list, or through the shopping area.
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Please direct any questions or concerns about registration on Digital Wish to Customer Service at [email protected].