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Comparative Essay about Eleanor and Amelia

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Keywords: Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, essay
Subject(s): Writing, Reading
Grade 4
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Jennifer L. Toups
Original Author: Jennifer L. Toups, Erath
ELA Objectives:

1. Writing an essay comparing two people.


Students will read ďAmelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride" by Pam Munoz Ryan in reading and will research Eleanor Roosevelt or Amelia Earhart and will write a comparative essay about the two women.

1. The teacher will do a KWL chart on both women.

2. The teacher will do an introduction for both. (One option would be powerpoints or flipcharts on either women) or American Experience Links.

3. The students will research one of the women and list 5 facts.

4. The class will do a Venn Diagram together comparing the lives of both women.

5. The students will take the information learned from all activities and write and then type story comparing the lives of both women. (Optional: They could make a PowerPoint or another type of presentation.)
Links: Amelia Earhart Links
PowerPoints on Amelia Earhart
American Experience (Eleanor Roosevelt)
First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt
Venn Diagram Interactives
Materials: Mobile Labs