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 Shelley Breivogel has started a fundraiser, Upgrade Our Lab , for Shelley Breivogel 11:17 PM
 Christy Ites has started a fundraiser, Classroom Set of iPads, for Christy Ites 11:30 AM
 Anita LaPlant has started a fundraiser, Back to School in Style, for Anita LaPlant Jul 20
 Alma White has started a fundraiser, Kindergarten Bilingual, for Alma White Jul 19
 Digital Wish has awarded the and Document Camera Lesson Plan Ideas - 1 grant to Tonya Parham Jul 17
 Digital Wish has awarded the Vocabulary and Humor for High School Students - June grant to Ami Wicks Jul 17
 Digital Wish has awarded the 'Elements of Style' - Composition and Form grant to Jaimie Crane Jul 17
 Digital Wish has awarded the Let's Get Podcasting! Grant - May grant to Dani Hassforth Jul 17
 Digital Wish has awarded the Mobile Devices in the Classroom - May grant to Denise DeJuliannie Jul 17

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