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Jennifer Ipson
Shadow Valley Elementary
Ogden, UT

Tammie Langley
Kannapolis Middle School
Kannapolis, NC
Classroom Description: I teach the best 7th graders in the world.


Natalie Kirkland
Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School
Chula Vista, CA

Johanna Mitchell
Atlanta, GA
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Johanna Mitchell needs Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation, $79.96, 125.00% raised

I need this because... We will be using lapel mics daily in the production of our student news show!

Classroom Description: Our Journalism Club is part of an elective program for our Upper School students and is comprised of seventh and eighth graders with an interest in current events, videography, writing, and reporting!


Robin Davis
Westmont High School
Campbell, CA
Why I Teach: Ideally, I want my students to become life-long learners, so that they have the interest & curiosity to succeed in whatever they endeavor to do. I hop ...


Teresa Dobler
Washington Latin Public Charter School
Washington, DC
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Teresa Dobler needs ASUS 11.6" Touchscreen Laptop, $3290.00, 0.00% raised

I need this because... Technology is scare and fought over in my school. I want my students creating digital interactive science notebooks to engage their curiosity, connect ...


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