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Mrs. Marlene Gariepy's Wishlist
Epson PowerLite LCD Projector, $999.95, 0.00% raised Total Wishlist Cost: $999.95

Epson PowerLite LCD Projector Why I need this:
This helps with the document camera I described under the document camera listing. One doesn't work without the other. I have used these in the past and they are fabulous. They have taken the place of an overhead projector. Kids use it while writing stories and are much more confident to share with the group if it can be projected on a screen. Kids also used it with our math games/cards. I had students play the actual game at the document camera while it's being projected on a screen. They beg to be the one chosen. I have read a book on the camera so that the whole class can see the book at the same time. I also use it for our daily planner to show the class what the assignments are for the day.
Single Unit
Quantity: 1 Price: $999.95