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ProfileMrs. Karen Christian's Wishlist
Total Wishlist Cost: $3,694.95
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Podcasting Mobile Lab Why I need this:
We would like to work on teaching children how to podcast. This will help with several lessons that are planned this year.
Educational Mobile Lab
Quantity: 1 Price: $2995.00
Roll in the crate and start podcasting with video!

Tool Factory Movie Maker Why I need this:
My 6th grade students need to be able to see and use different types of technology. Living on the East side of Flint they do not get many opportunities to see and experience how people create movies. This will give them a good opportunity to try this particular program out.
network site license
Quantity: 1 Price: $699.95
Edit video, create a claymation sequence, or build a slide show with simple click-and-drag mouse movements.