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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
Inclusion - Elementary Autism Software Tool Factory's Autism Bundle ($499.00 value) 1/31/2015 Create and submit an original lesson plan on the use of inclusive software in the elementary classroom. Lesson plans should not be specific to any one student, but should cover a range of ages and abilities. Tool Factory's Autism Bundle brings together a wonderful blend of software titles that:
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Develop concentration and attention
  • Inspire imaginative play
  • Promote reading / early literacy
  • Teach emotional literacy
  • And more!
With 11 different software programs in the bundle, there is sure to be a program to fit the needs of your individual learners. Each program works to develop different skills while students:
  • Explore and make music
  • Improve memory and spelling
  • Work on figurative language, and
  • Learn about telling time and basic math
Some titles also feature advanced teacher controls that allow you to tailor the activities to the needs of your individual learners; for example, you can customize activities by importing your own digital images of subjects that students can relate to! The bundle includes:
  • Sound Beginninings Making Sounds
  • Idiom Track
  • Musical Leaps and Bounds
  • Tool Factory Beep!
  • Sequences
  • What's the Time Mr. Wolf
  • Bucket And Spade
  • Strumbie Island
  • Reactickles
  • A Busy Day
  • Memory Skills
All software titles have been tested Windows 7 compatible Please see the product at http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=2192
Elementary Science Fair Elementary Science Software Bundle - 6 CD Set (329.00 value) 1/31/2015 Grades: 2-6 Series includes: Badger Trails Science Explorer I Science Explorer II Bodywise Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth Science Stars Underwater Rescue About Badger Trails Take a trip down the badger trail in this fiercely addictive science CD. Explore the world from the perspective of a badger, foraging for food, avoiding predators, and finding a den. 'See', 'hear', 'smell', and 'taste' what a badger does, and score points for successes. But be careful not to loose a life! Badger Trails is a fascinating way to develop map skills knowledge of life sciences. It's sure to delight! Winner of the 2004 Boston Museum of Science "Best Software for Kids" award. About Science Explorer I Young Einsteins will love exploring this award-winning virtual museum of science. Explore seven stunning 3D galleries to complete 26 interactive experiments, study science topics, and collect observations. Teachers will love the support materials and the ability to track student progress in the Logbook feature. Amazing 3-D graphics and slide shows will totally engage budding scientists as they progress through the exciting exhibits in the Science Explorer museum. Topics include: The human being, Forces and motion, The material world, Space, Living things , Electricity, and Light & sound About Science Explorer II This second CD-ROM in the award-winning series provides more fantastic opportunities for scientific investigation. Students enter 6 virtual laboratories in the impressive Science Explorer station to complete 18 interactive investigations. Young scientists will learn fascinating facts and information about laboratory equipment as they explore each area of the 3-D station. Observations can be easily recorded in an on-screen lab book, and fun quizzes are available in the Think Tank. Teachers can track each student's progress in the Logbook, and print classroom support materials right from the CD! Topics include: Gravity, springs, elastic, and air resistance, Teeth, muscles, and movement, Living things and microbes, Mixing and separating, The planets, light and dark, Conductors and insulators, Heat, and materials. About Bodywise Enliven health and science curriculum with this impressive and totally interactive program. Bodywise presents information about the human body in a concise, comprehensive way. Excellent animations and graphics let students investigate body systems, health education topics, and frequently asked questions about the human body. Easy to navigate, students simply click to zoom in on body systems, read informative text, or get pop-up definitions of vocabulary. Complete fun activities, and take a self-paced quiz. Teacher Options make the program fully customizable. Bodywise is ideal for use with a white board or projector. About Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth A group of archaeologists find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth on Force Island. Only the elite group of scientists known as the Science Stars Task Force can rescue them - but they need the help of your students. So begins a gripping adventure in which children build their knowledge of forces and motion as they overcome the challenges encountered during the rescue. Ideal for small group work, students develop their experimental skills through four engrossing activities and two levels of difficulty. Each activity is supported with interactive explanations of key learning points. There is also full narration to ensure good accessibility for less advanced readers. Topics include: Force meters Friction Water resistance Air resistance Gravity About Science Stars Underwater Rescue Construction workers are building an underwater observation laboratory when an explosion corrupts their computer, locking the electronic doors. The Science Stars enlist the help of students to get vital supplies of food and water to the workers and fix their computer before they run out of air. This thrilling science adventure extends children's understanding of forces and motion with four engaging activities supported by interactive explanations and full narration. Key Content: Gravity and upthrust Stretching and pulling Direction and size of forces Revising forces Air and water resistance Compatibility These programs operate on Windows XP and Mac OS 7.1 or earlier operating systems Some programs may function on higher operating systems
Matific - Math Apps: Immersive bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers 12 month Matific Online Subscription for School and Home Access for up to 300 students ($3000 value) 2/01/2015 Submit an original lesson plan for Mathematics in the K-6 classroom range. Lesson plans should be unique and provide details on student understanding of mathematical concepts learned. Award: 12 month Home and Classroom Subscription for up to 300 students at a single school location. Awarded as 10, 30-user licenses. Matific takes a unique approach to teaching K to 6 math using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes. These immersive bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers are based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system. The Matific approach was designed to provide optimal support for educators to convey math concepts in as effective and engaging manner as possible. Matific episodes enable a blended learning approach. Having selected the relevant episodes, teachers can seamlessly integrate hands-on math explorations into their own class learning format. Progressing from fundamental math objectives to increasingly challenging activities, the Matific learning system encourages children to internalize mathematical insights and rules. A process of guided self discovery deepens student cognitive understanding, as well as a sense of personal achievement. Home access to all students is provided since every child learns at a different pace. From engaging after-school practice to individual intervention, Matific provides adaptive support at the right level.
Classroom Tablet Solutions! Trio Pro 8 Intel Windows solution tablet & Bombora headphone (250.00 value) 2/28/2015 Write and submit an original lesson plan on any topic while utilizing a tablet in the classroom. More than just apps, tablets provide a host of multiple technology tools in one. How would you (or how do you currently) use tablets in the classroom to engage students? How do you utilize the assortment of features available on tablets? Award: 1 Mach Speed Trio Pro 8" Tablet - Windows 8.1, 16GB Storage, 1GB Ram Memory, Intel Atom Z3735G Quad Core Processor, Dual Cameras, 8" IPS Touch Screen 1280 x 800, Black - TRIOPRO8 WINDOWS and 1 Bombora Over-Ear Headphones Tablet Specs: The ultimate blend of work and play. The Trio PRO tablet for Windows fuses what you love about tablets - portability, touch screen and multi-media viewing - with the productivity of a laptop - Microsoft Windows OS and Office 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Now productivity fits in the palm of your hand. OS: Windows 8.1 Display: 8" IPS Touch Screen, 1280x800 resolution Memory: 16GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot for additional storage Battery: 6 hour battery Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later Interface: High speed USB 2.0 RAM: 1GB DDR3 CPU: Intel Atom Quadcore processor Headphones: Audio Headset Features: Tangle-Resistant Cable, Ideal for Gaming, 3.5mm Plug, Sound Isolating, Adjustable Headband, Microphone, Detachable Cable, Pause and Answer Buttons on Cord Model Compatibility: Xbox 360, iPod Nano 4th Generation, PlayStation3 (PS3), PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Portable (PSP), iPod Classic, Nintendo DS Lite, PlayStation Portable Go (PSPgo), iPod Touch 2nd Generation Sound Enhancements: Sound Isolating Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Ear Cushion Material: Foam Weight: 1.0 Lb. Battery no battery used Assembly Details: no assembly required
Let's Get Podcasting Simple Guide to Podcasting Book/Cd Set and the Adventures in Podcasting! Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom Book/CD Set! Plus Tool Factory Podcasting w/Video Software ($100.00 value) 2/28/2015 Apply for the Let's Get Podcasting! Grant for a chance to win copies of the Simple Guide to Podcasting Book/Cd Set and the Adventures in Podcasting! Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom Book/CD Set! BONUS: Tool Factory's Podcasting with Video Software! To apply, simply develop and submit a podcasting lesson plan. The most creative and fun lesson plan incorporating podcasting will win! ABOUT THE SIMPLE GUIDE TO PODCASTING BOOK CD/CD SET: Get the book and get started! This is the perfect companion book to Tool Factory Podcasting. Learn what a podcast is, then explore some great introductory web links. The pages are jam-packed with step-by-step instruction on how to record sounds and publish your own podcasts. This is a great resource for learners who want visual instructions at-a-glance. Every step in the process is outlined with large bold pictures and easy 1-2-3 instructions. Readers can delve into the text for a deeper understanding of the podcasting process, or simply browse the visual images which "show" every step in the podcasting process. This book is a wonderful practical guide to podcasting. There’s even a chapter on copyright laws and acceptable use policies for podcasting. Learn what you can and can’t post on the internet, and explore safe podcasting practices. All of the materials were developed as a result of practical hands-on training. The planning chapter is excellent for trainers who are teaching podcasting to larger groups. Simple fill-in-the-blank worksheets are indispensible for walking new podcasters through every step in the process. The book makes an excellent class textbook for every student or participant. You can download the table of contents and a few sample pages by clicking the "Downloads" link in the upper right corner of this page. Also included is a CD with an instructional PowerPoint presentation to help you teach or learn about podcasting. Plus there’s also a 24 page workbook included on the supplementary CD, to assist you in developing acceptable use policies for podcasting in education or business. ABOUT THE : ADVENTURES IN PODCASTING! INCREDIBLE LESSON PLANS FOR YOUR CLASSROOM BOOK/CD SET: Raise your classroom podcasting program to a whole new level with Tool Factory’s book, "Adventures in Podcasting: Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom!" The book includes 40 podcast lesson plans designed to stretch students’ imagination and get them thinking creatively about the curriculum. Send your students on a podcast adventure deep into the heart of a rainforest, or have them interview prospectors panning for gold out West in the 1800s! A bonus companion CD of editable worksheets lets teachers tailor every activity to their own curriculum. Bonus CD Included: Don’t forget the bonus CD! There’s a copy of every worksheets from the book included on CD, plus a bonus planning chapter from Tool Factory’s Simple Guide to Podcasting book. The additional planning chapter is ideal for educators who are planning their own podcasting ideas, or who want to add a new twists to the existing lesson plans. By Educators, For Educators: Podcasts are extremely versatile and educators are using this technology to cover a wide variety of topics. More than half of the lesson plans were inspired by original ideas from educators all across the country! Adventures in Podcasting is written to help you take your podcasts one step beyond typical classroom podcasts. Each lesson plans will help you integrate podcasting into your regular curriculum in new and innovative ways. The Lesson Plans: We’ve divided the lesson plans into English, Math, Science and Social Studies chapters. The “Cross Curriculum” section will regularly clue-you-in on ways to cover additional subjects and involve other classes in the podcasting projects. A cross-curriculum guide is included to demonstrate just how modifiable each lesson plan can be—take a glance at the guide and see the variety of classes that could utilize the “Journey Down the Nile” lesson plan! Educators can teach the lesson plans directly from the book, or make them their own by using the starter formats and editing them to meet their unique curriculum needs! Here are some sample lesson plans from Adventures in Podcasting: Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom: • English: Choose Your Own Podcast - Do you choose to take an adventure back in the time to battle ferocious dinosaurs? or travel forward to discover what lies ahead? Students write their own branching episodic tales and invite listeners to dictate what happens in the next episode! • Math: Math Mystery Stories - “How did Count Barkov steal the 47 golden eggs?” Students compose mystery stories that are only solvable by math-savvy detectives, and then publish them in an episodic podcast. • Science: The Tonight Show with Your Brain - Students take on the personalities and roles of different organs in the body and get interviewed by the host, the quick-witted Brain! • Social Studies: Journey Down the Nile - Maneuver through rapids and careen past crocodiles in this exciting podcast that tells a serial tale of your students’ imaginary wild ride down the Nile in ancient times! The Worksheets: Each lesson plan is accompanied by 1-3 worksheets to guide your students’ research and production of podcasts. We’ve include a CD with all of the worksheets for each lesson plan to allow for quick printing and copying. The worksheets are provided in PowerPoint format so it’s a cinch to edit them to match any state’s unique standards. Change words and phrasing to supplement the planned curriculum, add in new questions, or change the formats to meet the needs of younger or older students. Once you are happy with the way a worksheet looks, simply print and hand them out to your students!
Digital Media in the Classroom - February Clip Art Station Site License ($299.00 value) 2/28/2015 Write and submit a curriculum based lesson plan that incorporates the responsible use of digital images or audio and you may be awarded one of our Clip Art Station Site Licenses. About Clip Art Station
Clip Art Station provides t a great collection of photos and sound clips to use in projects! The library of photographs and sounds is perfect for students, teachers, and families. Subscribers get instant access to the full library of artwork posted on Clip Art Station. Download images and sounds and get busy building class projects. Clip Art Station is great for: • Podcasting • Greeting cards and email. • Enhancing website. • Invitations, posters, and scrapbooks. • Book making, newsletters, yearbooks, and class projects. • Brochures and advertisements. *No more worries about copyrights. Subscribers are welcome to use any image, as long as it's used for viewing purposes or decoration of a school project, printed matter, or website production. This subscription is designed for teachers, students, and families. *A site license that allows an unlimited number of users from a single building to access the site for a full year. This is great for students who need photos and sounds for school projects or homework. www.clipartstation.com
Trio Tablet for Students Trio Stealth G4 7.85 Inch & JBuddies Headphones (165.00 value) 3/31/2015 Write and submit an original lesson plan on any topic while utilizing a tablet in the classroom. More than just apps, tablets provide a host of multiple technology tools in one. How would you (or how do you currently) use tablets in the classroom to engage students? How do you utilize the assortment of features available on tablets? Award: Trio Stealth G4 7.85 Inch and JLab JBuddies Kids' Headphones Tablet Specs: The true workhorse of our tablet family, the Trio Stealth G4 7.85 Inch brings a larger viewing screen with advanced speed powered by the quad core processor for work or play. Surfing the web, checking email, or enjoying widescreen viewing, you get the best of everything at an affordable price. Instant access to over 1,000,000 apps on the Google Play store, you truly have the world's largest app store in the palm of your hand. OS: Android™ 4.4 Display: 7.85" TFT LCD, 1024x768 TN resolution Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch) Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB) Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback* Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later Interface: High speed USB 2.0 RAM: 512MB DDR3 CPU: Quad Core Cortex A7 1.5GHz, Multi-Core Package Contents: Trio Stealth G4 7.85" Tablet, Quick Start Guide, USB Cable & Wall Charger Headphones: JLab introduces state of the art headphones acoustically designed and formed for kids aged 2+. The headphones were tested by kids of all ages for comfort, ease of use and looks, all the while keeping them safe with a built-in (no separate cable required!) volume limiter to ensure a safe listening experience.