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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
One-to-One Computing, $4,500 Support Grant – December 10 hours of technical support to evaluate & develop a 1:1 plan ($2,000 value) Sustainability Action Plan Tool ($99) Video conference with our 1:1 trainers ($175) GrantStation membership ($249) Digital Wish’s Complete IT Curriculum Package ($2,000) (4500 value) 12/31/2015 Digital Wish is offering technical support grants to members who need assistance with planning a K-8 one to one program. Our 1:1 experts will select up to 4 schools or districts each month for an award so don’t wait to apply. Applications are being accepted as of March 15th, 2015. Digital Wish has implemented 1:1 computing in 28 schools developing expertise, evaluation tools and sustainability tools that can help get your program off the ground. Our experts will work with your team to talk through your technology plan, equipment needs, budgeting options, alternate funding sources, curriculum implementation, technical needs and longer-term sustainability planning. You’ll come away with possible grant opportunities, more funding options, a solid budgeting and implementation plan, and an action plan for sustaining your initiative. The grant award include: 10 hours of technical support to evaluate and develop a 1:1 plan ($2,000 value) Sustainability Action Plan Tool ($99 value) Video conference with one of our 1:1 trainers ($175 value) Free grant search using GrantStation ($249 value) Digital Wish’s Complete IT Curriculum Package ($2,000 value) Discounts for on-site Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety training. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis each week. Contact Jennifer.miller@digitalwish.org for more information. To Apply: email Jennifer.Miller@DigitalWish.org Briefly describe your school or district – A bullet list is fine. Include number of students, grade range, demographics and provide your school’s website. What progress have you made with technology? – What’s your ratio of computers to students? What is your tech infrastructure (servers, network and type of computers, tech staff and teacher training)? Do you have a tech plan? What support is there for technology in your district? – Is there a supportive board and administration? Enthusiastic teachers? Kids dying for technology? A motivated Principal? Is there an existing tech budget with local grant sources, foundations, or supportive businesses and a willing PTA for fundraising? Email the one page grant application to Jennifer Miller Jennifer.miller@digitalwish.org