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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
Learning with a GoPro Video Camera GoPro Video Camera ($399 value) 3/31/2019 A GoPro video action camera will be awarded for the most engaging lesson plan that incorporates the use of video for action activities. The subjects are your choice - Physics, Art, Biology, Dance, Sports, Natural Environment, Problem solving - Get creative! Invite your students to help brainstorm a fantastic classroom project and submit it to our lesson plan library for a chance to have a GoPro action camera! Please make sure your lesson plan incorporates the use of video as an element of the plan.
Whole Class Interactive Learning Easiteach Next Generation Interactive Software ($179.95 value) 3/31/2019 Easiteach Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard Presentation Software is designed to help you create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons using your classroom whiteboard and projector. Featuring a widget bank, media bank, content packs, student lite player, multi-language, multi-touch, toolbars, text to speech, handwriting recognition, language and math tools, and so much more! Submit an original INTERACTIVE lesson plan for grades K-8. Preference will be given to submissions which utilize the Easiteach Next Generation software. Easiteach (Win) is designed to run on ANY interactive device. Learn more about Easiteach here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=RMETNG-W
Play Beyond the iPad Screen with Osmo Osmo Base and Coding with Adventures with Awbie ($88 value) 3/31/2019 Submit your favorite coding lesson plan to our free Lesson Plan Library and have a chance to get an Osmo Base along with the Coding Adventures iPad app. About Osmo's Coding with Awbie: Your kid-coder will learn how to place physical blocks into sequences, loops and if/or actions, so on-screen Awbie can walk around, jump over obstacles and grab strawberries in a magical world. Itís a great way for kids to learn about coding and have fun at the berry same time.