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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Plans - Easiteach Next Generation Easiteach Next Generation Software ($179 value) 6/30/2017 Write and submit a lesson plan that highlights interactive activities on an interactive white board to qualify for winning a 5 user license of Easiteach Next Generation. Criteria for selection: Priority goes to cross-curricular lesson plans that with components of interactivity to be displayed on an interactive board. About RM Easiteach Next Generation: Easiteach software helps teachers and students to interact and engage with technology in a classroom, small group, or 1:1 setting. The software has many useful tools including pre-made widgets like a clock, stopwatch, randomizer, dice, fractions, graphs, music keyboard, Sudoku, periodic table, question maker, tanagrams and many more. Handwriting recognition, multiple language selection, and text to speech round out Easiteach's array of functions. The Media bank comes filled with numerous clip art options, and you can add your own media files for easy access while building or presenting lessons. Easily access the internet, or open documents saved in your page without leaving the program. Drawing, writing, and special effects tools are also available to customize and bring your pages to life. With a vast library of downloadable K-12 lesson plans, Easiteach Next Generation offers a companion website full of tips, tutorials, pre-made lesson plan templates, media packs and more. Free upgrades and free technical support complete the package to offer you continued support. For more information about Easiteach Next Generation please copy and paste this link in your browser: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=RMETNG-W
Mobile Beacon Grants Access for Education - June Grants Wi-Fi Hotspot with one year subscription to unlimited 4G LTE mobile internet service ($200 value) 6/30/2017 Every other month, we will award up to 2 wi-fi hotspots with a one year subscription to an unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Beacon Service Plan. Criteria: Submit a lesson plan that incorporates using mobile wireless internet as part of the activity Must be in the Sprint R850 Mobile Hotspot Coverage Area to qualify. Check for coverage here. http://www.mobilebeacon.org/lte-coverage/ Set up a hotspot in your gym, cafeteria or anywhere there's a wireless dead zone in your school. You can use these 4G LTE mobile hotspots to connect up to 10 compatible computers or Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones and tablets to the Internet from any location within the 4G coverage area. The 4G LTE hotspot must be used with a subscription to Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE discount mobile broadband service for schools. This donation provides one 4G LTE mobile hotspot ($80 value) for connecting to Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE mobile broadband internet service. Mobile Beacon internet service ($120 value) is included for a period of one year. Expanded coverage and faster speeds - Now Mobile Beacon's new COVERAGE AREAS have expanded across the USA and internet speeds faster with greater in-building coverage. Check for coverage in your area here before applying for this grant: http://mobilebeacon.org/lte-coverage Choose the Sprint R850 Mobile Hotspot in the dropdown to check for coverage using this hotspot. This grant can support educators in a variety of ways including:
  1. Integrate more technology in the classroom, including BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives
  2. Create a low-cost back-up Internet source to ensure your lesson plans aren't interrupted by slow speeds or a lost Internet connection
  3. Meet the broadband demands of the Common Core State Standards initiative
  4. Provide out-of-school access to disadvantaged or at-risk students who do not have Internet access at home
  5. Create instant wireless access to unwired areas of your buildings
  6. Keep teachers, faculty, staff or students connected during field trips, sporting events, and other off-campus activities
  7. Provide out-of-school mobile Internet access to teachers and staff to stay connected remotely and increase professional development opportunities
Digital Discoveries with HoverCam Document Camera HoverCam Z5 document camera ($129 value) 6/30/2017 Write and submit an original lesson plan that captures your most creative use of a document camera in the classroom. Your lesson plan could be selected as the winning entry for a HoverCam Z5 Document Camera. HoverCam is the technology leader in USB document cameras and an alternative to expensive traditional document cameras. The HoverCam Z5is a compact, and very affordable document camera. The camera neck folds down into the base for easy storage. It offers features of much more expensive cameras like an adjustable camera head, LED light with an on/off switch, auto focus, auto focus lock, digital zoom, and the ability to record snapshots and video. Learn more about the Z5 here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=HC-Z5
Elementary Science Fair Software Grant Elementary Science Software Bundle - 6 CD Set ($329 value) 6/30/2017 Write and submit an elementary level science lesson plan to qualify for this grant. The award is a set of 6 CD-ROM based programs appropriate for grades: 2-6. The Elementary Science Series includes: Badger Trails Science Explorer I Science Explorer II Bodywise Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth Science Stars Underwater Rescue About Badger Trails Take a trip down the badger trail in this fiercely addictive science CD. Explore the world from the perspective of a badger, foraging for food, avoiding predators, and finding a den. 'See', 'hear', 'smell', and 'taste' what a badger does, and score points for successes. But be careful not to loose a life! Badger Trails is a fascinating way to develop map skills knowledge of life sciences. It's sure to delight! Winner of the 2004 Boston Museum of Science "Best Software for Kids" award. About Science Explorer I Young Einsteins will love exploring this award-winning virtual museum of science. Explore seven stunning 3D galleries to complete 26 interactive experiments, study science topics, and collect observations. Teachers will love the support materials and the ability to track student progress in the Logbook feature. Amazing 3-D graphics and slide shows will totally engage budding scientists as they progress through the exciting exhibits in the Science Explorer museum. Topics include: The human being, Forces and motion, The material world, Space, Living things , Electricity, and Light & sound About Science Explorer II This second CD-ROM in the award-winning series provides more fantastic opportunities for scientific investigation. Students enter 6 virtual laboratories in the impressive Science Explorer station to complete 18 interactive investigations. Young scientists will learn fascinating facts and information about laboratory equipment as they explore each area of the 3-D station. Observations can be easily recorded in an on-screen lab book, and fun quizzes are available in the Think Tank. Teachers can track each student's progress in the Logbook, and print classroom support materials right from the CD! Topics include: Gravity, springs, elastic, and air resistance, Teeth, muscles, and movement, Living things and microbes, Mixing and separating, The planets, light and dark, Conductors and insulators, Heat, and materials. About Bodywise Enliven health and science curriculum with this impressive and totally interactive program. Bodywise presents information about the human body in a concise, comprehensive way. Excellent animations and graphics let students investigate body systems, health education topics, and frequently asked questions about the human body. Easy to navigate, students simply click to zoom in on body systems, read informative text, or get pop-up definitions of vocabulary. Complete fun activities, and take a self-paced quiz. Teacher Options make the program fully customizable. Bodywise is ideal for use with a white board or projector. About Science Stars Lost in the Labyrinth A group of archaeologists find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth on Force Island. Only the elite group of scientists known as the Science Stars Task Force can rescue them - but they need the help of your students. So begins a gripping adventure in which children build their knowledge of forces and motion as they overcome the challenges encountered during the rescue. Ideal for small group work, students develop their experimental skills through four engrossing activities and two levels of difficulty. Each activity is supported with interactive explanations of key learning points. There is also full narration to ensure good accessibility for less advanced readers. Topics include: Force meters Friction Water resistance Air resistance Gravity About Science Stars Underwater Rescue Construction workers are building an underwater observation laboratory when an explosion corrupts their computer, locking the electronic doors. The Science Stars enlist the help of students to get vital supplies of food and water to the workers and fix their computer before they run out of air. This thrilling science adventure extends children's understanding of forces and motion with four engaging activities supported by interactive explanations and full narration. Key Content: Gravity and upthrust Stretching and pulling Direction and size of forces Revising forces Air and water resistance Compatibility These programs operate on Windows XP and Mac OS 7.1 or earlier operating systems Some programs may function on higher operating systems