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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
Digital Discoveries with Document Cameras Hovercam Mini 5 document camera ($149 value) 7/31/2016 Write and submit an original lesson plan that captures your most creative use of a document camera in the classroom. Your lesson plan could be selected as the winning entry for a HoverCam Mini 5 Document Camera. HoverCam is the technology leader in USB document cameras and an alternative to expensive traditional document cameras. At the size of a candy bar, the Mini 5 condenses all the great resources a document camera provides into a compact and easy to use device. The Mini 5 provides the clear and crisp picture quality of any normal sized document cameras with 1080p full motion HD video. See more details here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=HCMini5
Easiteach Next Generation STEM Interactive Grant $25-$50 Deposited to Digital Wish Cash on Hand account ($25-$50 value) 7/31/2016 Easiteach Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard Presentation Software is the latest whiteboard software from RM Education designed to help you create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons using your classroom hardware. Featuring a widget bank, media bank, content packs, student lite player, multi-language, multi-touch, toolbars, text to speech, handwriting recognition, language and math tools, and so much more! Digital Wish and RM Easiteach Next Generation have partnered to seek your expertise. We will deposit between $25-$50 to Digital Wish members 'Cash on Hand' accounts for each qualifying lesson plan submitted and selected by Digital Wish. Cash on hand may be used to purchase classroom technology directly through Digital Wish. Submit an original INTERACTIVE lesson plan supporting a STEM theme for grades K-8. The lesson plan needs to be common core correlated - special preference will be given to submissions which utilize the Easiteach Next Generation software. A Free 30-day trial of the software is available at: http://easiteach.com/eng/trial/index.htm Short tutorials and lesson plan examples may be found at: http://www.easilearn.com/us/ Please direct any questions to: jennifer.miller@digitalwish.org **Lesson plan submissions for this grant become the property of Digital Wish and RM Education. Lesson plans may be used in secondary website applications.
Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety - August Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package (199 value) 8/31/2016 Submit a lesson plan on cyber safety or digital citizenship and qualify for one of our Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package awards. Digital Citizenship, the first unit in the 1:1 IT Curriculum series, provides clear instruction on cyber safety. Students will be well-prepared to use technology every day in a safe, respectful, and responsible way. The Digital Citizenship Unit comes to you in a clear, easy to navigate full color spiral bound book that you can use throughout your school every year. Presentations to use along with this Unit's lessons are accessed through a secure portal on Digital Wish's website. Digital Citizenship Unit contains an instructor preparation checklist and four important lessons:
  1. Digital Citizens and the Internet
  2. Cyber Safety
  3. Safety Skits for Reinforcement
  4. Copyright in the Classroom
Lesson plan extensions and extra projects are included at the end of the book. One popular extra in this Unit is the Cyber Safety Poster Contest. Submit a lesson plan on cyber safety or digital citizenship and qualify for one of our Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package awards. See the unit here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=6555
Vocabulary and Humor for High School Students - August Vocab Videos Classroom Subscription (90.00 value) 8/31/2016 Create and submit a lesson plan involving high school level vocabulary, sprinkle in a bit of humor and you'll qualify for a chance to get a subscription of Vocab Videos for your classroom. We'll award one grant per month, but you'll only need to submit one lesson plan for the this grant. About Vocab Videos: Vocab Videos is an online vocabulary system for students and educators that uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of 500 high value, frequently-tested SAT, ACT, & high school vocabulary words. The vocabulary learning videos were developed by a team of SAT and standardized test experts and produced using professional actors and comedians. The vocabulary videos are organized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes), forming short stories with memorable characters and entertaining plots. Each video follows a structure designed to make memorizing easier, using both auditory and visual cues. A freeze frame of the vocabulary word and its definition generally start each video, while a voice-over provides the proper pronunciation and reinforces the meaning. The vocabulary word is then illustrated by the action in the video (approximately 30 seconds), and concludes with a voice-over of either the definition of the word or a sentence using the word in the context of the scene. Watch a few of the videos here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=6919