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Digital Wish Grants Calendar

Grant Name Award Deadline Description
Mobile Beacon Grants Access for Education Wi-Fi Hotspot with one year subscription to unlimited 4G LTE mobile internet service ($200 value) 1/31/2017 This month, Mobile Beacon Grants Access for Education begins. Every other month, we will award up to 2 wi-fi hotspots with a one year subscription to an unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Beacon Service Plan. Set up a hotspot in your gym, cafeteria or anywhere there's a wireless dead zone in your school. You can use these 4G LTE mobile hotspots to connect up to 10 compatible computers or Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones and tablets to the Internet from any location within the 4G coverage area. The 4G LTE hotspot must be used with a subscription to Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE discount mobile broadband service for schools. This donation provides one 4G LTE mobile hotspot ($80 value) for connecting to Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE mobile broadband internet service. Mobile Beacon internet service ($120 value) is included for a period of one year. Expanded coverage and faster speeds - Now Mobile Beacon's new COVERAGE AREAS have expanded across the USA and internet speeds faster with greater in-building coverage. Check for coverage in your area here before applying for this grant: http://mobilebeacon.org/lte-coverage Choose the Sprint R850 Mobile Hotspot in the dropdown to check for coverage using this hotspot. This grant can support educators in a variety of ways including:
  1. Integrate more technology in the classroom, including BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives
  2. Create a low-cost back-up Internet source to ensure your lesson plans aren't interrupted by slow speeds or a lost Internet connection
  3. Meet the broadband demands of the Common Core State Standards initiative
  4. Provide out-of-school access to disadvantaged or at-risk students who do not have Internet access at home
  5. Create instant wireless access to unwired areas of your buildings
  6. Keep teachers, faculty, staff or students connected during field trips, sporting events, and other off-campus activities
  7. Provide out-of-school mobile Internet access to teachers and staff to stay connected remotely and increase professional development opportunities
Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety - January Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package ($199.00 value) 1/31/2017 Submit a lesson plan on cyber safety or digital citizenship and qualify for one of our Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package awards. Digital Citizenship, the first unit in the 1:1 IT Curriculum series, provides clear instruction on cyber safety. Students will be well-prepared to use technology every day in a safe, respectful, and responsible way. The Digital Citizenship Unit comes to you electronically in a clear, easy to navigate format that you can use throughout your school every year. Presentations to use along with this Unit's lessons are accessed through a secure portal on Digital Wish's website. Digital Citizenship Unit contains an instructor preparation checklist and four important lessons:
  1. Digital Citizens and the Internet
  2. Cyber Safety
  3. Safety Skits for Reinforcement
  4. Copyright in the Classroom
Lesson plan extensions and extra projects are included at the end of the book. One popular extra in this Unit is the Cyber Safety Poster Contest. Submit a lesson plan on cyber safety or digital citizenship and qualify for one of our Digital Citizenship IT Curriculum Unit Package awards. See the unit here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=6555