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Carnagie Corporation of New York K-12 Grants for Education

Description: OVERVIEW: The Carnegie Corporation of New York has a storied history in education funding, and it's one of the most influential K-12 funders in the United States. Currently, the foundation's education program provides major grant funding for a variety of organizations, but its K-12 education focus is on the key areas of design for schools and systems, human resources and leadership, and standards and assessments. Grantseekers are likely find the vast majority of K-12 grants under its Education program. Programs that have the potential for replication or expansion are of particular interest. IP TAKE: Competition for Carnegie grants is fierce, with only the most innovative and forward-thinking projects receiving funding. To raise your project's profile, it's essential to be effective in conveying uniqueness and scope of impact. FOCUS AREAS: There are three focus areas that fall under this umbrella, all of which include STEM as a key component: improving the clarity and expectations of standards and assessments; improvements in faculty "recruitment, training, evaluation, and leadership development"; and reconceptualizing "how schools use teaching, scheduling, technology, and funding to create new systems for success," with an eye toward differentiation and "personalized instruction." It can be difficult—but certainly not impossible—for small and midsize nonprofits to gain the foundation's attentionThe Carnagie foundation does feature an open application process, accepting letters of inquiry throughout the year.
Deadline: ongoing acceptance of Letters of Interest
Grant Website: https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/grants-for...
Foundation: Carnagie Corporation of New York
Low Range of Grant: $50,000
High Range of Grant: $3,000,000
Subjects: Math, Science, Technology, Social Skills/Character Education
Keywords: STEM, Common Core, finance, student advocacy, corporate grants

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