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Matific - K-6 Math Apps Portfolio - Home Service for up to 30 Students

Item #: 10161 | Grades K-9
Status: Up to $300 Grant for student home service available!

Matific builds portfolios of educational apps created to bring back the fun and Aha! moments to learning.

Free Webinars in May on using Matific - There will be two free webinars to provide you with the necessary tools to incorporate Matific activities into your classroom. The discussion will include general lesson planning as well as their pedagogy approach and principals. Q & A after the presentation. Dates and times are May 6, 3:30-4:30 EDT and May 13, 6:30-7:30 EDT. Sign up here

Home Use Grant Program - Matific has generously offered grants for one year home subscription service for each of your students, ensuring equity for all your students to continue using Matific anytime, anywhere! For a classroom of 30 students, that's a savings of $300!

To recieve this grant award, add the Matific product to your Digital Wish shopping cart and go to checkout. Use the Grant Code MAT2015. A small administrative fee of $5 will be charged at checkout. Once we complete the verification process, you'll receive an email with instructions and a Matific License Code for providing access for your students. This grant is for Digital Wish member educators only. If you're not a Digital Wish member, go ahead and sign up now - it's free.

California members: If you're charged for CA sales tax on your grant order, we will automatically credit back your card for the taxes charged.

About Matific

Matific lets children discover math at their own pace using hands-on constructive learning.

Explore Matific, a library of hundreds of award winning interactive activities. Teach each mathematical skill through a range of playful interactions called “appisodes”. Discover the pedagogy that earned Matific multiple awards and the endorsement of math teachers around the globe*.

Matific is free for teachers to use in their classroom.

Children love learning through doing. Matific appisodes are engaging games that kids like playing – and through playing they learn. Practice, makes perfect.

Features For Teachers:

  • Boost your class math performance
  • Engage your students in hundreds of fun math activities
  • Enjoy easy access via your existing program of study or textbook's table of contents
  • Activities are mapped to Common Core Standards an Texas TEKS standards
  • Keep track of each student performance

  • Be that teacher who awoke their minds to Math. For life

    Matific trains children to think like scientists. Hands-on experimentations with appisode supports constructive learning by self discovery.

    Engage all students in a fun and lively atmosphere

    Sign Up to access hundreds of appisodes from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Our experts add new appisodes each week.

    Continue to teach as you do now, with a new state of the art edge

    Enrich your teaching with hundreds of relevant and engaging appisodes, organized according to your textbook's table of contents. Matific's modularity fits right into your program of study, allowing you to select relevant appisodes and worksheets for each week.

    Track your students’ progress

    Teacher dashboards provide student-level and class-level performance reports, promoting adaptive learning. Matific allows you to empower struggling students while challenging top performers.

    Student Home Accounts

    Don't let the excitement of learning math end at the school bell. Parents can get Matific subscriptions for their children for $36/year and schools can order home subscriptions for a discounted rate of $10/student/year

    Grant Program - Matific has generously offered one year free home subscription service for each of your students, ensuring equity for all your students to continue using Matific anytime, anywhere!

    For a classroom of 30 students, that's a value of $300! Order your grant by adding Matific to your Digital Wish shopping cart and entering the Grant Code MAT2015. Once we complete the verification process, you'll receive an email with instructions and a Matific License Code for providing access for your students. A small admin fee of $5 will be charged at checkout.

    For Parents, a Matific membership gives you...

    • The most effective way to help your child learn math
    • Hundreds of games and activities mapped on your child's school work
    • Any time, any place access, using a computer or a tablet, online or offline
    • More fun and engaging activities added weekly

    • It's free for classroom use - Try it now Try some sample activities and sign up for a free teacher account at at matific to learn more on how this can help your math instruction.


      Which age groups is Matific targeting?

      The Matific Series covers the entire elementary school math curriculum.

      Is Matific intended for classroom teaching, or for home use??

      Either way. We don't pretend to replace frontal teaching, and we stay away from rote skill and drill tasks. We seek to enhance and enrich existing teaching practices, and to endear math to children.

      What is Matific's minimal unit of instruction??

      ?We call it an "episode": a bite-sized interactive session that engages a child for 5 to 30 minutes. Each episode is a game-oriented family of mini-tasks designed to convey a well-defined mathematical concept, skill, or insight.

      How is the material organized?

      ?We build huge, modular, and richly indexed portfolios of episodes. The episodes are mapped on external structures such as national curricula, tables of contents of popular textbooks, and existing lecture plans.

      Is the Matific contents customizable??

      Teachers are welcome to pick and choose subsets of episodes according to their scheduled teaching needs, turn them into customized lecture units, and control the child's progression within and across the teaching units.

      Is the students work monitored??

      ?The Matific for School version features a teacher's dashboard that gives real-time information about each child's progress. Teachers can quickly pinpoint who is having difficulties with what, and provide selective assistance accordingly.

      Does Matific support multiple users?

      ?The software keeps separate user profiles, credentials, usage histories and progress reports on the cloud. Multiple children can share the same device within and across class meetings. Student data can be sent to teachers and parents through both dashboard and email interfaces.

      ?Matific continuously detects, modifies, and encourages different learning styles. No child is left bored or unchallenged.

      How does Matific interact with children?

      ?Matific uses multiple channels to arrest the child's attention and interest. The apps employ a combination of animation, tactile gestures, textual guidelines, and an (optional) audio voice-over channel.

      How much teacher training is necessary?

      ?Matific is inherently self-explanatory. That said, teachers can benefit from our accumulated set of tips, tricks, and classroom activities.

      *CODiE, SXSW edu, TED, ISTE, and BETT have given us awards for teaching children how to think like a mathematician.