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UNOBOOK Android 9.7" Tablet

Item #: 13018 | Grades K-12

The UNOBOOK tablet has all the tools and content vital for technology driven learning. The UNOBOOK tablet, designed by educators, is an all-in-one device that's powerful and easy to carry.

With this Android based tablet you will have access to Google Play,an apps center stocked full of educational apps and tools. Students can learn virtually anything from a new language to music composition. There are also some powerful note-taking tools that will strengthen the way your students interact with class material, whether it is written, photographic, or verbal. Students can share files with each other and class material or homework assignments can be distributed to your class instantly. With UNOBOOK, you can create the ultimate collaborative network between students and teachers..

  • Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system
  • 9.7" multi-touch capacitive LCD screen
  • Ruggedized aluminum housing
  • 1 GB RAM, 16GB storage capacity
  • Extended battery life
  • Dual cameras
  • HDMI port out
  • Micro SD card
  • headphones, power adapter, Wi-Fi, protective case, stylus, Quick Guide, USB cable, nylon case and cleaning cloth all included

Check out a more detailed description of some of the features below:

Camera - the UNOBOOK comes with dual cameras. One located on the front to capture images and videos of the user and one on the back which allows the user to take photos and videos of whatever they desire. Dual cameras also allow for video conferencing and other face-to-face communication types.

Battery - Featured in the UNOBOOK is a powerful battery which has an extended duration of 8 hours. This battery will power your device all day under normal usage scenarios.

USB - A USB port allows you to plug in additional peripherals such as a keyboard. The USB port can also be used to connect your device with a computer or laptop.

Mic - UNOBOOK comes equipped with a built-in mic which is great for recording lectures or personal notes.

HDMI - With an HDMI port you can easily connect your UNOBOOK to a screen or projector. Make presentations and show movies directly from your device without having to transfer files.

Volume Controls - External hard button volume controls can be found on the side of the UNOBOOK and makes adjusting the volume quick and easy.

Micro SD Card - This feature allows you to expand the memory of your UNOBOOK or to transfer and store your files externally on a Micro SD Card.

Speakers - You don't need to worry about forgetting your headphones - the UNOBOOK comes with two amazing speakers that make listening to lectures easy on the ears.

Connectivity - You can access the internet via built-in Wi-Fi.

Protective Case - Your UNOBOOK comes with its own custom made protective case and stand. This case was designed to not only protect your device but it can also be converted into a handy stand, If you have the optional keyboard it fits perfectly with the case and allows the UNOBOOK to be operated like a laptop.

Stylus Pen - By using the stylus pen you get accurate movements for hand writing or for drawing and painting. Touch screens from time to time can get dirty from oily fingers but with the stylus pen you can keep the screen clean.

Durability - We understand that a portable device needs to be strong, especially in the hands of students. The UNOBOOK is encased in a ruggedized aluminum housing that offers extra protection.

Memory - A fast device is crucial for working efficiently so we've provided 1.0GB of cache instead of the 512 offered by most other devices.

Package contents
  • Unobook
  • stereo headphones
  • power adapter
  • Wi-Fi
  • protective case with stand (keyboard optional)
  • quick guide manual, stylus pen, USB cable, nylon bag and cleaning cloth
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Electricity - how it works and how we measure and pay for it! 6 to 12
What is electricity, and where can we see it in our daily lives. This lesson is primarily informational, providing an easy-to-understand description of electricity and how it is literally all around us.
High School Energy Audit 9 to 12
You will take scientific measurements, question school staff, and obtain various kinds of information related to how your school uses energy. As you finish each investigation, you will write a scientific report with graphs and recommendations and present it to school officials.
Fit or Fat? 6 to 8
Students will be involved in a Science and Health lessons that involve nutrition and exercise. They will create Healthy Snacks and exercise profiles for the class.
(PART 2) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for all following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
(PART 3) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
(PART 4) Applied STEM: Rocketry and its Components 6 to 8
See Part 1 for the following sections with the exception of Lesson Plan Description.
Using the Computer Safety and Ettiquette P-K to P-K
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Teaching students to use the computer safely and correctly. Learning what information is safe to share and what can harm us.
Science Concepts Presentations Using Tablets 6 to 8
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
Students work in small groups using electronic devices -- Smart Phones and/or Tablets to research a science topic and create a multi-media presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, and an online survey/quiz using Kahoot.it to display on Interactive Whiteboard for the class to respond to.
Digital Devices in the classroom 2 to 12
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
The goal of this lesson is to teach students how their digital device can be a learning tool. By allowing them access to these tools in class we are enhancing their learning.
Telling Time through Digital Devices and Photo Story Telling in the Classroom K to 5
(5.0 stars, 1 ratings)
To engage learners physically, mentally, digitally and help them to develop the following time telling skills through an array of digital devices and human interactions