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Math Explorer Series - 4 CD Site License Donation

Item #: 2053F-TS | Grades 2-7
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Math Explorer Series Donation - 4 CD Set with unlimited user perpetual Site License (retail value $1,799).

Digital Wish provides a range of donated curriculum based CD-ROM software for older computer operating systems. These are ideal for libraries and schools that need solid educational history, math, science and arts activities for their library collection and enrichment programs.

About the Math Explorer Series

Kids will be fascinated with math as they adventure through 4 worlds. There are scores of focused activities. Each lesson is timed, so students must beat the clock to master complex math concepts. Stimulating graphics, video, animation, and lots of interactive activities draw students into new worlds of mathematical discovery. Special features include onscreen logbooks and notebooks, quizzes, and teacher support material.

Series includes:
  • Math Explorer
  • Math Explorer: Shape and Space
  • Math Explorer: Number
  • Math Explorer: Data Handling

About Maths Explorer

Students will have loads of fun developing math skills in the context of real life situations with this graphically astounding software package. Motivating activities explore numbers, shapes, space, measures, data handling, probability and statistics. Many special features including mathematical puzzles and student tracking make this program an essential addition to any classroom.

About Maths Explorer: Shape and Space

Follow a friendly jester through a medieval castle and investigate the dynamics of shapes and space. Students learn about angles, coordinates, measuring, symmetry, mirrors and reflections, circles, area and perimeter, tessellations, and solid shapes as they explore 12 rooms of the castle and complete activities at 3 levels of difficulty. The Logbook feature lets teachers track student progress.

About Maths Explorer: Number

Explore numbers in 12 interactive locations including a jungle and pirates' caves with this graphically stunning software. Guided by a lively and helpful pirate girl, students complete activities focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, calculations, facts and number properties. Teachers can track student progress through the Logbook feature.

About Maths Explorer: Data Handling

A friendly alien is your guide as you travel through Egyptian, Roman, and Incan lands to learn the principles of statistical analysis. Fun and engaging graphics and an easy-to use interface stimulate students as they investigate all the means for storing and analyzing data. Visit the Sphinx to learn about probability or use a chart to record Roman bath times.


These programs operate on Windows XP or earlier operating systems


Packaging: CD-ROM in Jewel Case or Sleeve

Licence: Unlimited Site for a single library or school building


This donation includes 4 CD-ROM copies and with an unlimited user perpetual license for a library, school or other organization's single building.

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As this is a donation, there are no returns allowed
Minimum system requirements: PC: Windows XP or earlier (Not Windows 7 Compatible)

Mac: OS 7.1, 68040, 8 Mb RAM