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Leaps and Bounds 3

Item #: 2084 | Grades K-1
$44.95 Cash Back: Tool Factory%

Colorful elephants carrying whimsical creatures on their heads lead children into six fantastic activities. Opportunities for experimentation, problem-solving, language development, fine-motor skill development, sound discrimination and more abound in this third title in the popular Leaps and Bounds series. Children experiment with an on-screen machine to figure out how to make sausages and then squeeze them into a hungry monster's dish.

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Visual discrimination skills are sharpened in the Make a Body activity, where children can choose from 3 levels of difficulty to create a series of matching cartoon-style bodies. Funny animations and sounds play automatically as rewards. Kids create a symphony of music with the Monster Band, a collection of pink blob-like characters distinguished by things like a trumpet nose, a twanging tongue, and a huge tapping shoe. Experimenting with rhythms and sounds is incredibly entertaining and enlightening with the Monster Band. Help the gardener keep his flowers alive in the Watering the Flowers activity. The flowers have their own sound effects, which lower as the flowers begin to droop. Sprinkle them with water from the gardener's watering can to bring them back up. Children can hone their hand-eye coordination as they take the dog out in Dog's Long Walk. Navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen allow kids to move the energetic dog from left to right and up and down so that he can investigate a variety of objects and occasionally go for a dip in a pond.

Finally, old characters from Leaps and Bound 1 and 2 reappear in Noisy Painting, where black and white outlines can be filled in with brilliant colors using an on-screen paint brush. Children dip their brush into the color of their choice, and are treated to sound effects as they complete each painting. This latest edition to the popular series is bound to be an immediate hit with kids, and adults may find themselves drawn in too!

Please note: This program is not networkable, however the "Network Site License" price allows you to install it on all the computers in a single school building.

Minimum system requirements: PC: P-133, 32 Mb RAM, Win 95+, 800x600, 16 Bit Color.

**For Windows 7 64-Bit Computers, the software will not install but can be run from the CD without issue or the files can be copied to the hard drive and run from there.

Mac: 68040, OS 8.5+, 2X CD, 800x600
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