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Podcasting Mobile Lab
Podcasting Mobile Lab
Podcasting Mobile Lab
Podcasting Mobile Lab
Podcasting Mobile Lab

Podcasting Mobile Lab

Item #: 2123 | Grades K-12
Status: Usually ships in 2 weeks.

Tool Factory’s Mobile Podcasting Lab has everything you need to start a classroom podcasting program. Whether you’re training groups of students or co-workers, this is the perfect classroom kit for Windows users. Beginners will love the at-a-glance instructional materials. Advanced users will appreciate the audio library, digital voice recorders, camcorders and easy publishing features embedded in the podcasting software. The industrial-strength storage case will lengthen the longevity of your equipment, and can be easily rolled from room-to-room. The crate is airline approved, so you're all set to travel!

Tool Factory’s Mobile Podcasting Lab Includes:
  • Tool Factory Podcasting with Video Site License – Create and publish your podcasts with point-and-click skills. Install the software on all computers in a single building.
  • 14 Tool Factory’s Simple Guide to Podcasting – Learn to podcast with a classroom set of instruction books.
  • 7 Olympus Digital Voice Recorders – Record up to 823 hours of high quality audio, on a pocket sized recorder.
  • 7 Microphones with Noise Reduction –Edit your sound files at the computer, without background interference.
  • 7 Toshiba Waterproof Video Camcorders
  • Clip Art Station Site License– Download copyright-free sounds, music and photos for 1 year at www.clipartstation.com and add a new dimension to your podcasts.
  • Web Page Station – Get server space to host your podcasts at www.webpagestation.com for 1 year.
  • 14 Simple Guide to Podcasting Book/CD Sets - The pages are jam-packed with step-by-step instruction on how to record sounds and publish your own podcasts. Get info on "acceptable use" plus an instructional CD with PowerPoint templates for your own instruction.
  • 1 Adventures in Podcasting Book/CD Set - Get a fantastic collection of lesson plans for the classroom.
  • 1 TSA Combination Lock.
  • 1 Hardshell, Waterproof, FAA Approved Carry-on Crate.
  • AAA Batteries and Rechargers – Double battery power means you always have a charge!

*The retail value is $3,825. Save over $800 by purchasing the lab! Call (800)220-8386 to tailor a crate configuration to your special needs.

*Educational Pricing : includes site license for a school building.

*Commercial Pricing: includes site license for a commercial business. .

Tool Factory Podcasting with Video
Find your voice with Tool Factory Podcasting with Video! Anyone with a microphone or video camera, a Windows computer, and an internet connection can publish podcasts or vodcasts to people anywhere in the world! The software combines a scripting tool, sound recorder, video recorder, easy uploading, and broadcast utility into one easy interface. You’ll never have to write a single line of programming code. Every copy includes a subscription to Clip Art Station for copyright -free music and sound effects, server hosting for 3 months on Web Page Station.
Simple Guide to Podcasting Book (PDF File Format)
Get the book and get started! This is the perfect companion book to Tool Factory Podcasting. The pages are jam-packed with step-by-step instruction on how to record sounds and publish your own podcasts. Readers can delve into the text for a deeper understanding of the podcasting process, or simply browse the visual images which "show" every step in the process. There’s even a chapter on copyright laws and acceptable use policies for podcasting. The included CD has PowerPoint presentations to help you teach and learn about podcasting. This book is a wonderful practical guide to podcasting.
Adventures in Podcasting! Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom Book (PDF File Format)
Raise your classroom podcasting program to a whole new level with Tool Factory’s book, "Adventures in Podcasting: Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom"! The book includes 40 podcast lesson plans designed to stretch students’ imagination and get them thinking creatively about the curriculum. Send your students on a podcast adventure deep into the heart of a rainforest, or have them interview prospectors panning for gold out West in the 1800s! A bonus companion CD of editable worksheets lets teachers tailor every activity to their own curriculum. Plus there's a bonus chapter included, from "Tool Factory's Simple Guide to Podcasting".
Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation
This microphone is ideal for recording voice and interviews. The ME-52W plugs directly into your computer or digital voice recorder, for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments. It will cut down on much of the background noise. It comes with windscreen cover, a tie-clip, and 3.3ft extension cord. It's the most versitile mic we've found!vendor image
Minimum system requirements: WinXP Service Pack 3, Vista, or 7, sound card and microphone.
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Building Vocabulary with Digital Fotos. 8 to 12
Presents ways that students could use digital cameras to develop Spanish vocabulary.
Exploring My Environment for Speech and Language K to 5
Student will photograph objects containing their targeted speech sounds and/or items in selected categories. These photographs will be used in a power point slide show for individual drill and copied to establish a "visual library".
A Different Perspective 6 to 12
Teaching wheelchair bound students the joys of photography.
Glad to Meet You, Newfane 2 to 5
This project takes a look at the resources, businesses and services within a community. At each location, the children get an abbreviated look at how that location benefits the community.
Celebration of Cultures K to 5
In the CELEBRATION OF CULTURES unit, students study one country related to their family heritage and complete multiple assignments to illustrate their understanding of that culture. They also create "family legacy books" in which they put Family Trees, Interviews with relatives and personal "Snapshot" Writings about important incidents and remembrances in their own lives.
Cemetery Restoration Project K to 8
An old abandoned cemetery is given the opportunity for new "life" through the efforts of its new owners, a Catholic school, and a new parish in the beautiful Frederick Valley near the foot of the Catoctin Mountains.
Trees For Trout! 4 to 4
Classroom project that incorporates forestry and fish to investigate the lifecycle of trout and the effects of forest practices on them.
Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments 4 to 8
Students create and build their own musical instruments based on existing characteristics of the four families of the symphony orchestra. They will take photographs of their completed instruments, record the sounds and post them to an existing web site which showcases student work. They will also create their own web page which will be attached to the teacher web site.
Jobs I Can Do : Electronic Portfolio 12 to 12
This lesson will explain how to use digital photos to create electronic portfolio when working with 19 to 21 year olds with cognitive deficits.
Let's Rock and Roll K to 5
Photograph rock formations in the area and how the land was formed through erosion, land upheavals, and sediment building.