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Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab
Multimedia Mobile Lab

Multimedia Mobile Lab

Item #: 2127MML | Grades K-12
Status: Please allow 4 weeks for delivery


4 forms of digital media, 1 great mobile lab.

The Tool Factory Multimedia Mobile Lab gives you a great way to utilize four innovative forms of digital media allowing for a seamless crossover between subjects. Get all the video, photography, podcasting, and animation tools you need in one hard-shell rolling crate for easy transport between classes! Great for individual classes and media center use!

Video cameras, digital still cameras, webcams and a digital voice recorder give you multiple ways to capture your content. Hardware contained in the mobile lab includes:
  • 4 Toshiba CAMILIEO BW10 Waterproof video cameras, perfect for use with non-linear video editing projects.
  • 4 Nikon Coolpix L28 20.1 megapixel point-and-shoot digital still cameras for photography projects.
  • 4 Microsoft Lifecam Studio HD webcams for stop motion animation projects, video podcasting projects, and more.
  • 1 Olympus Linear PCM Voice Recorder (LS-7) for podcasting on the go. It's excellent for capturing concerts, plays and other important school events. The PCM recorder features a 3 microphone system, which is made up two Stereo Condenser microphones and third Center Omni-Directional microphone allowing it to create studio-quality recordings.
To compliment the hardware, the Multimedia Mobile Lab also includes all the software you need to create rich multimedia projects. Titles included in the mobile lab:
  • 4 Stop Motion Pro Studio HD licenses - Amazing professional quality software for stop motion animation.
  • 4 Tool Factory SlideShow licenses - Share your photos with ease.
  • 1 Tool Factory Podcasting with Video license - Create incredible video and audio podcasts with ease.
Not sure where to begin? The Multimedia Mobile Lab has you covered. Whether you're a novice or an expert, the included books will help you get started:
  • 4 Adventures in Technology books and supplemental CD sets - Feature cross-curricular multimedia lesson plans.
  • 4 Digital Photography for Educator books and supplemental CD sets - Demonstrate the fundamentals of digital photography.
  • 4 Beginner's Guide to Animation books - Introduce the basics of animation and stop motion animation with beautifully crafted illustrations.
  • 1 Simple Guide to Podcasting book and supplemental CD set - Introduces podcasting fundamentals.
  • 1 Adventures in Podcasting book and supplemental CD set - Provides a host of cross-curricular podcasting lesson plans.
The lab also equips you with all the accessories you need to be able to dive right in to any digital media topic you choose. For complete details, please see the list of specs below.

Complete Multimedia Mobile Lab Specifications:
  • 4 Toshiba CAMILIEO BW10 Waterproof Video Cameras
  • 4 Nikon Coolpix L28 Digital Still Cameras
  • 4 Microsoft Lifecam Studio HD Webcams
  • 1 Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder
  • 4 USB AC Adapters
  • 4 Gorillapod Original Tripods
  • 4 Mini Tripods
  • 4 10' USB Cables
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 4 4GB SDHC Memory Cards
  • 4 8GB SDHC Memory Cards
  • 4 Stop Motion Pro Studio HD Licenses
  • 4 Tool Factory SlideShow Licenses
  • 4 Adventures in Technology Books
  • 4 Beginners Guide to Animation Books
  • 1 Simple Guide to Podcasting Book
  • 1 Adventures in Podcasting Book
  • 1 Hard-shell Waterproof Rolling Crate
  • 1 TSA Approved Lock

If you are interested in customizing a mobile lab to your needs or adding a day of professional development training to your lab, please contact us at [email protected] or call (800) 220-8386.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery as all labs are built to order.

Tool Factory Podcasting with Video
Find your voice with Tool Factory Podcasting with Video! Anyone with a microphone or video camera, a Windows computer, and an internet connection can publish podcasts or vodcasts to people anywhere in the world! The software combines a scripting tool, sound recorder, video recorder, easy uploading, and broadcast utility into one easy interface. You’ll never have to write a single line of programming code. Every copy includes a subscription to Clip Art Station for copyright -free music and sound effects, server hosting for 3 months on Web Page Station.
Tool Factory Slide Show V3
Drag an entire folder of photographs onto the page, and Tool Factory Slide Show will automatically build a self-running presentation with exciting transitions in one click! Now it is even easier to create slide show presentations. Click to add additional slides to your show, edit each slide by adding images, sounds and video from the bank or from your computer. View your slides in storyboard view or flip through your individual slides. Preview your presentation and admire your work. Integrated as a part of the new version of Tool Factory Workshop, students will make an easy transition from one application to the next. Slide show presentations have never been this easy!
HDMI Cable
This cable allows you to connect your camera to your HDTV simply and quickly. Enjoy watching your videos on your big screen at home or in the classroom.

  • Length: 6.5'.
Gorillapod Original Tripod
Featuring over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate, the Gorillapod will firmly secure your compact digital camera to virtually any surface, allowing you to get in the picture and become part of the memories.
SanDisk Ultra 8GB SDHC Memory Card
Capture a memory every day on this 8GB Ultra SanDisk Standard SDHC card. It's easy with affordable, quality cards from the minds behind flash memory. For use in all kinds of digital devices with SD card slots. SanDisk Standard cards ensure you have plenty of room to capture and store photos, videos and tunes every day.

Standard Warranty: 5 Year Limited
vendor image
Kingston 4GB SD Memory Card
Kingston Technology's 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity Card offers larger-volume data storage and optimized recording performance with support for FAT 32 file formats. For added reliability and durability, our solid-state 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity Card is built of nonvolatile memory components and has no moving parts that could wear out or break.vendor image
Simple Guide to Podcasting Book (PDF File Format)
Get the book and get started! This is the perfect companion book to Tool Factory Podcasting. The pages are jam-packed with step-by-step instruction on how to record sounds and publish your own podcasts. Readers can delve into the text for a deeper understanding of the podcasting process, or simply browse the visual images which "show" every step in the process. There’s even a chapter on copyright laws and acceptable use policies for podcasting. The included CD has PowerPoint presentations to help you teach and learn about podcasting. This book is a wonderful practical guide to podcasting.
Adventures in Podcasting! Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom Book (PDF File Format)
Raise your classroom podcasting program to a whole new level with Tool Factory’s book, "Adventures in Podcasting: Incredible Lesson Plans for Your Classroom"! The book includes 40 podcast lesson plans designed to stretch students’ imagination and get them thinking creatively about the curriculum. Send your students on a podcast adventure deep into the heart of a rainforest, or have them interview prospectors panning for gold out West in the 1800s! A bonus companion CD of editable worksheets lets teachers tailor every activity to their own curriculum. Plus there's a bonus chapter included, from "Tool Factory's Simple Guide to Podcasting".
Digital Photography for Educators Book (Printable PDF Format)
Learn the basics of digital photography and get step-by-step instruction on digital cameras. It's a great resource for teachers who need visual instructions at-a-glance. Simply browse the pictures for a quick understanding of the camera's icons and functions. Read the text for more indepth understanding of camera features and photography. It's packed with easy charts and visual images which "show" you how to use the camera. Bonus CD includes a 80 slide photography course.
Lesson Plan Name Grades
School Renovation -- What's Your Idea?! 5 to 8
Students visited area elementary schools to seek ideas for the renovation of their school. Presentations were made to architects and the school board.
Toy Inventor’s Workshop 11 to 11
Students work in small groups to develop a toy for preschool age children.
Van Gogh Self-Portrait 7 to 10
Students will create a self-portrait in the style of Van Gogh.
Math Vocabulary 6 to 8
Students create jingles, songs, and displays to teach vocabulary to their peers and younger students.
Virtual Museum of Musical Instruments 4 to 8
Students create and build their own musical instruments based on existing characteristics of the four families of the symphony orchestra. They will take photographs of their completed instruments, record the sounds and post them to an existing web site which showcases student work. They will also create their own web page which will be attached to the teacher web site.
Claymation Video Lessons 5 to 12
Students will create simple 3D oil-based clay characters, which will move through 2D student-created environments(stop-action videography). Students will narrate the stories thus created.
Let's Rock and Roll K to 5
Photograph rock formations in the area and how the land was formed through erosion, land upheavals, and sediment building.
WCCS News 78 Investigative Report K to 8
Several television stations in the St. Louis metropolitan area feature a news investigative reporter who acts on tips received from local viewers. The West County Christian School seventh/eighth grade students will research/investigate a news tip, send their own news investigative team to the site to document digitally their findings, write the script to produce a news report, and then videotape that presentation.
Social Issues 10 to 12
Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Students must conduct interviews and research on a topic and create a documentary of the issue and a conclusion.
Bollywood, Philadelphia 9 to 12
Students will create a Bollywood-type musical using digital media.