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Vocab Videos Subscription - 35% Off

Item #: 6919 | Grades 9-12

Vocab Videos is an online vocabulary system for students and educators that uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of 500 high value, frequently-tested SAT, ACT, & high school vocabulary words - 35% off for Digital Wish Members

WATCH the Vocab Videos Trailer!

The Vocab Videos trailer offers a fun overview of the videos and learning tools available on VocabVideos.com!

Broken down into episodes:

Vocab Videos are organized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes each) forming 25 unforgettable miniseries! Watch clips from a few of our hilarious episodes:
  • Two's Company: Hank and Dudley are colleagues with two very different approaches to work in an office.

  • Speedwalkers: Legendary speedwalker Max Wind must battle his demons and come out of retirement for one last race against the world champion Natalio Belastracci.

  • Stranded: Brett and Katie find themselves stranded on a desert island and their relationship quickly becomes strained.

  • Imaginary Larry: Henry Meyerson teams up with his new ally Crabby Cakes as they try to rescue Natalie from the clutches of the evil King Alefashedes.

  • Johnny Hightower: Special agent, Johnny Hightower, finds himself in a world of trouble as he is taken captive by a menacing crime lord.

  • Shall We Dance?: Hoping to spice up his life Dudley enrolls in dance classes while Hank volunteers to make a documentary.

  • Rumor Chick: Pamela and Kristin are jealous of Laura’s new study partner and will stop at nothing to steal him away.

About the Videos
  • Hilarious professionally produced short videos illustrate the meanings of 500 essential SAT and high school vocabulary words
  • Organized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes), forming 25 unforgettable miniseries
  • Outrageous plotlines and entertaining characters engage students and make learning fun!
  • Parodies of popular TV shows like Lost, The Office, 24, and Gossip Girl connect students to the material, presenting vocabulary to them in a context they can relate to and enjoy

The vocabulary learning videos were developed by a team of SAT and standardized test experts and produced using professional actors and comedians. The vocabulary videos are organized into episodes of 20 words (approximately 10 minutes), forming short stories with memorable characters and entertaining plots.

Each video follows a structure designed to make memorizing easier, using both auditory and visual cues. A freeze frame of the vocabulary word and its definition generally start each video, while a voice-over provides the proper pronunciation and reinforces the meaning. The vocabulary word is then illustrated by the action in the video (approximately 30 seconds), and concludes with a voice-over of either the definition of the word or a sentence using the word in the context of the scene.

Educator Account Features include:
  • Individual student registration: register your students for individual accounts
  • Teacher dashboard: monitor individual student and class progress
  • Extensive suite of digital study tools: quizzes, worksheets, searchable glossary, episode flashcards
  • Multimedia flashcard maker: teachers and students can create digital flashcards for ANY academic subject (review them on your computers or phones/tablets!)
  • Downloadable review material: printable/PDF versions of quizzes, worksheets, and crossword puzzles

Have Questions?
  • For technical support or questions, please contact staff@vocabvideos.com
  • If a registered user, for basic direction navigating the site, select the blue "User Handbook" button (when signed in)
  • Please contact orders@digitalwish.org with order status inquiries
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Stain Glass P-K to 12
This is 5 lesson plans in sequence from introduction through Glass History to the current methods applied in Glass Forms: lesson 1, stain glass history; lesson 2, community impressions; lesson 3, stain glass design; lesson 4, color theory; lesson 5, form and application. Wrap up includes reflection.
Social Issues 10 to 12
Students work in groups to identify and create a video presentation of a social issue facing America. Students must conduct interviews and research on a topic and create a documentary of the issue and a conclusion.
City's 50th Anniversary: A Snap Shot in Time K to 12
Walnut is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The project would have students from all age levels taking picture and creating a living snap shot of the community regardless of age, sex, or beliefs. This would be put on display in City Hall and used as a video for the local Cable Network.
Producing a Franchise to encourage global awareness, increased, informed decision making about health, peer relationships and education. 7 to 8
The students will determine categories of franchises from which to work out media productions for weekly broadcasts on our school news show.
Student Solutions- Saving Our Surroundings 4 to 8
Students will investigate plants, animals and their habitats creating several products to educate and share their fellow classmates. During the process of research, students will also develop ideas to help solve the problem of endangered habitats, animals and plants.
Fredrick Douglass...A digital History 7 to 7
Using technology, the students will create projects that depicts the stuggles of slaves with a focus on Fredrick Douglass and his determination to abolish it.
Poetry Alive! Interpreting Poetry Using Digital Images 9 to 12
A team of English students will take the role of a production company and will create a 4-5 minute film using the digital image as a medium for interpreting students’ original poems. Three classes will be working together in order to complete this project: Creative Writing, English, and The Actor’s Studio.
Middle Ages Cross Curriculum Project 6 to 8
This project incorporates all subject areas while students learn about the Middle Ages.
Everything American 8 to 8
Students work collaboratively to define "American Culture" by capturing images of the American way of life, and using them to create a PowerPoint display using words and images.
The Three People I Would Like to Invite for Dinner 7 to 9
This is a 7th grade presentation project designed to get the students to think about the qualities of a real hero. The students will decide on 3 persons to invite to a special dinner party, the first person is a historical figure whom they admire, one a contemporary (in their lifetimes), and one person they know well.