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Premium Cases

Item #: CasePrem | Grades K-12

Protect your digital camera with this custom-designed stylish leather case.

  • 3 “Compact” Cases for Larger Stylus: (Stylus 740, 750, 1000 & FE –170, FE-200)

(Suede Cases in Camel & Chocolate in - Leather Case in light brown)
  • 3 “Slim” Cases for Smaller Stylus: (Stylus 710, 720SW & FE190)

(Leather Cases in Red, Black, & Dark Brown)

  • Saddlebag style, contrast stitching
  • Removable strap
  • Belt loop on back
  • Thumb clasp
  • Magnetic snap
  • Olympus logo
  • 2 media slots
  • Credit card & $ bill pocket
  • Memory foam for protection
Minimum system requirements: Works with Mac or PC
Lesson Plan Name Grades
Building Vocabulary with Digital Fotos. 8 to 12
Presents ways that students could use digital cameras to develop Spanish vocabulary.
V.I.P. Project K to 12
Students interview each other and practice social skills while practicing reading and writing activities.
Photo-Based Reading Projects K to 12
Special Education students use digital cameras and word processing software to enhance reading and writing skills.
Write to Read 6 to 8
There is nothing more motivating than teaching to the interests of students, and what middle school students' interests revolve around themselves and their friends. Digital storytelling of the school year gives them a voice and leades to improved language arts skills.
Revolutionary Idea 3 to 8
Students will participate in a revolutionary war living history.
Exploring My Environment for Speech and Language K to 5
Student will photograph objects containing their targeted speech sounds and/or items in selected categories. These photographs will be used in a power point slide show for individual drill and copied to establish a "visual library".
"A Portrait of Success" Elementary Student Portfolio Building K to 4
Students use digital photography and appropriate software to record their work into a manageable portfolio to document personal progress.
Windsor Opposes Waste - WOW! 2 to 6
We propose a year-long, problem-based learning between grades 2 and 6. Teams of students will meet and discuss and identify the problem(s), brainstorm solutions, implement their solutions and throughout the year evaluate and reexamine their decisions and actions.
A Different Perspective 6 to 12
Teaching wheelchair bound students the joys of photography.
Community Connections 6 to 8
How can students with disabilities learn to connect with their communities? The program described below takes instruction into the community and helps students make important community connections.