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eno Click Interactive Board 4'x6' (magnetically mounted)

Item #: enoclick2650a | Grades K-12

eno click offers the same features, benefits and environmental certifications of the eno interactive whiteboard, but makes installation a snap.

With the magnetic-mounting hardware and no cords or cables to manage, eno click mounts instantly over an existing ceramicsteel chalkboard, whiteboard or any other steel surface.

Need to move the board? No problem, eno click removes just as easily as it installs so you can use in another area of the room or another classroom down the hall.

With all the technical components consolidated into a revolutionary Bluetooth®-enabled stylus, eno click is virtually maintenance-free.

The three-in-one whiteboard - eno interactive whiteboard from Steelcase Educational Solutions helps bridge the gap between today’s students and today’s teachers with three levels of classroom performance.

1. traditional dry erase - Write on eno all day long. Erase it with ease (and you can’t damage the surface)!

2. magnetic ceramic steel - Give students manipulatives for time-tested problem-solving. It’s OK - eno is tougher than magnets (and kids)!

3. interactive performance - Add a stylus, computer and projector. And eno is instantly interactive (shazam)!

Advantages of eno click
  • A magnetic mounting system is installed on the board. No brackets are included or necessary.
  • The board is 4.5 inches shorter in height to fit within the frame of most static whiteboards.
  • To support the magnetic mounting system, the eno click board has a lighter-weight substrate material.
  • Schools can use free on-site resources to install eno click, instead of having to wait for district or third-party resources.
  • No hardware or equipment is required to install eno click.
  • eno click can be installed during a lunch break vs. having to schedule during a school vacation or summer when installation resources are limited
  • Your existing whiteboard won't be damaged during installation. The existing board literally acts as a large magnet to accept eno click. If eno click is ever removed, the static board remains undamaged and available for use.

First, eno is a virtually indestructible dry-erase workhorse built with 50 years of classroom experience. Second, eno features an e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ surface with Cradle to CradleSM Silver certification. Third, it’s a technological breakthrough: true interactive performance that requires no hard connections to power or data, no special training for teachers or students. After super-simple installation, teachers can be up and running in five minutes or less. The unique design of eno helps teachers move from traditional to interactive instruction in just a few hours.

Any computer, any projector Connect your mac or PC computer to any projector, and display your screen onto the eno board. Then, navigate through documents, presentations or websites from the board. Make notes to your heart’s content with a regular dry-erase marker or with the stylus. In one simple click, save all your interactive notes to post, print or email. Or, reload the session tomorrow morning, and dig in again. It’s that simple.

So easy to use! - Teachers can use eno right out of the box with familiar programs such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® or a web browser. Next, teachers can ramp up their tried-and-true lesson plans with powerful subject-specific content tools including number lines, graphs, maps, calipers, timers and more. In no time, teachers can move from markers to multimedia, from ink to internet, without missing a beat.

Installation of eno is simple. No cords and no cables means no costly installation labor for power and data outlets. Attach two brackets to the wall with eight screws, secure the board to the brackets and you’re done. Oh wait. Not quite. Take the cap off the stylus. Now you’re done.

It's greener. With the only environmentally certified writing surface inthe world, eno is in a class by itself. Made from all recyclablematerials, eno gets straight A’s for reducing hazardoussubstances, improving indoor air quality and providing a safer, less cluttered classroom. eno is proof that PolyVision is serious about protecting teachers, students and the environment we share.

It's leaner. You wouldn’t think the best-in-class solution comes with a price advantage, but in this case it does. When you buy eno, you get three boards in one, super simple installation, and lower total cost of ownership.


The e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface works perfectly with markers, magnets and interactive projection. Virtually indestructible, eno requires no cords, no cables, no hard connections to power or data, for a safer, less cluttered classroom. With eno, there’s just one board to buy, and it lasts a lifetime.

With all technical components consolidated into a revolutionary Bluetooth®-enabled stylus, the eno board is virtually maintenance-free. Combined with up to three wireless styluses for multi-user input, the eno whiteboard transforms into an interactive surface for teacher and student collaboration.

Unlike many competitors' boards, eno works with anysoftware so teachers won't be locked into canned lesson plans. Use it with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Inspiration®, Geometer Sketchpad®... the possibilities are endless. eno ships with RM Easiteach®, a proven family of content-rich education software including subject-specific content toolbars that enable teachers to merge their existing, successful lesson plans with interactive methods. Find out more about RM Easiteach here.

Computer and Projector
eno supports Microsoft Windows or Apple® Macintosh operating software, and delivers interactivity through Bluetooth-enabled technology. Pair eno with any projector for maximum flexibility.

Forever Warranty™
You can add or replace a stylus with ease, and the Forever Warranty means the board's ceramicsteel surface will last, well, forever.

eno interactive whiteboard is made by Steelcase Educational Solutions.

What you get
  • eno Interactive Board 4' x 6'
  • Forever Warranty on Board Surface
  • Accessory kit (stylus, bluetooth radio, AAA Li battery, 2 extra stylus tips)
  • 5 user licenses of RM Easiteach Next Generation
  • Manual and installation guide
Minimum system requirements: Technical Specs

Writing Surface

• e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ whiteboard

Power Requirements

• No power requirements for the whiteboard

• Stylus requires one AAA battery

Educational Software (included)

• RM Easiteach® software

· Toolbars for geography, math, science, and language arts

· One content package – choose primary math, primary

science, primary language arts or secondary combination

pack (math, science and language arts)

Accessories (included)

• Bluetooth-enabled stylus

• Moveable magnetic icon strip

• Bluetooth receiver for Windows or Macintosh (USB interface)

• One AAA battery

• PolyVision driver

• Two replacement stylus tips


• 12" magnetic tray (MCR 12)

• 24" magnetic tray (MCR 24)

Multiple Board Support

• Each board is offered in three different versions,

each with a unique pattern (e.g. 2650 A, B or C) to

enable multiple boards to operate in the same room

Recommended Computer Requirements

Microsoft Windows

• Pentium processor

• 512MB RAM

• XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista®

• One available USB port

Apple Macintosh

• PowerPC or Intel microprocessor

• 512MB RAM

• System software OS X 10.3.9 or higher

• One available USB port

Recommended Computer Requirements

Microsoft Windows

• Pentium processor

• 512MB RAM

• XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista®

• One available USB port

Apple Macintosh

• PowerPC or Intel microprocessor

• 512MB RAM

• System software OS X 10.3.9 or higher

• One available USB port

Bluetooth Stack Support

e¯ no click supports the following Bluetooth stacks:

• Windows: Microsoft, Toshiba, Blue Soleil™,


• Macintosh: All Apple stacks

Environmental Certifications

• MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver

• SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

• RoHS


• Forever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel

surface, ten-year warranty on the whiteboard (trim,

magnetic mounts, etc.), two-year warranty on other components