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Magic Touch Screen Monitors Add-ons
PC, serial 13-15" Monitor
The Magic Touch panel is designed to turn any desktop monitor into a touch screen. $169.00vendor image
Computer Microphone
Single Unit
Adding a microphone to any computer workstation enables students to work more efficiently performing keyboard and mouse operations during voice-recognition programs, recording audio files or interacting with testing and lesson plan software. $11.00vendor image
Computer Microscope USB
Single Unit
This USB Microscope allows for real-time display on computer screens, enabling multiple students to view detail at the same time. With a connected computer wired to a projector, an entire class or auditorium can participate, making it ideal for facilitating student understanding of the 6 goals within the National Educational Technology Standards, or NETS. $69.95vendor image
Magic Touch Screen Laptop Add-ons
PC, serial 12-14" Monitor
The Magic Touch panel is designed to turn any laptop screen into a touch screen. $169.00vendor image
Sharp EL-520 Scientific Calculator
Single Unit
With over 300 functions, this Sharp Scientific Calculator is the perfect find for the math classroom on a budget. $14.95vendor image
Large Print High Contrast Keyboard Stickers
Laptop, black-on-white
Designed for clearer vision, Large Print Key-top Stickers assist the visually impaired keyboard operator by enlarging and doubling the size of the original keytop legend. $20.99