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Users who want 8" Windows 8.1 Tablet Classroom Mobile Lab also want...

Multimedia Mobile Lab
Single Unit
The Tool Factory Multimedia Mobile Lab gives you a great way to utilize four innovative forms of digital media allowing for a seamless crossover between subjects. Get all the video, photography, podcasting, and animation tools you need in one hard-shell rolling crate for easy transport between classes! $2849.00
Acer 11" Chromebook for Classrooms - Touchscreen 4GB - refurbished
Single Unit
Outdoor Tough Digital Camera Mobile Lab
Single Unit
This rugged lab includes 8 16MP waterproof, shockproof Olympus cameras, one high powered 16MP and 50x WideZoom Olympus camera, Gorillapod flexible tripods, extra battery power, high quality 16MB Class 10 memory cards and everything else you need to capture digital still and high definition video during your outdoor assignments or sports events. $3429.00
Teacher PA System
Single Unit
Save your voice! The lightweight Teacher PA System is a true voice saver! Perfect for the classroom, leading field trips, dance and athletic classes, presentations, or lending support for those needing increased voice projection and amplification. It’s light enough to wear on a belt and can be comfortably worn all day! $149.00vendor image
Tool Factory Podcasting with Video Kit
Educational Single License Kit
This is the perfect starter kit for podcasting. The kit includes Tool Factory Podcasting software, an instructional book, a digital voice recorder, noise-reducing mic, music and sound effects library, and hosted server space. $269.99
Single Hotspot Donation for Mobile Beacon's 4G LTE Internet Service for Schools
Single Unit
$0.00vendor image
Computer Microphone
Single Unit
Adding a microphone to any computer workstation enables students to work more efficiently performing keyboard and mouse operations during voice-recognition programs, recording audio files or interacting with testing and lesson plan software. $11.00vendor image
Apple TV
Single Unit
Watch 1080p HD movies and TV shows from iTunes. Play Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. Catch up on MLB, NBA, and NHL games — live or on demand. Enjoy your music and photos from iCloud. Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote. $149.00
2x2 GorillaPod Tripod Bundle
Single Unit
The 2x2 GorillaPod Tripod Bundle includes 2 GorrillaPod Original Tripods, 2 GorillaPod Magnetic Tripods, and the “Adventures in Technology” lesson plan book/CD set for just $70 (retail $109.78)! $70.00
Podcasting with Video Kit
Single Unit
This new educators-only podcasting bundle features the Olympus WS-802 4GB digital voice recorder, Tool Factory's Podcasting-V3 software, an Olympus noise reduction microphone, and the "A Simple Guide to Podcasting” and “Adventures in Podcasting” book/cd sets! $159.00