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Digital Wish is...

Your Funding Works Harder
Like a gift registry, teachers create "wish lists" of needed technology products and describe how each item will be utilized. Teachers are then encouraged to send the wish list to the local community, parents and friends and ask them to get involved. Visiting donors can elect to buy items from the teacher's wish list, or donate money directly to a classroom so that wish list items can be purchased. All donations are tax-deductible, and resources ship directly to the schools.

Be Part of the Community
Digital Wish empowers you to make a personal investment in the community where you live and work. You can hand-pick local classrooms to support, or browse classrooms by personal interest. Teachers are encouraged to network with other educators across the country, sharing lesson plans, experiences, and advice on teaching in the 21st century. Digital Wish invites the collaborative involvement of local communities, caring donors, and innovative teachers.

Cross the Digital Divide
Every student deserves an equal chance to succeed, which means equal access to resources. Donors can connect with classrooms that are striving to bridge the equity gap. Each donation or product purchase, no matter the size, will put a classroom one step closer to providing the technology that students need to learn and grow.

We're a Non-Profit
Digital Wish relies on foundational grants to fund its overhead, website development, and matching grants. We are proud to be supported by organizations such as the Draper Richards Foundation and Flip Video. Please make a donation to Digital Wish and help us to maintain and expand our operations!

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