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Recycle Forward helps educators get new technology for their classrooms by recycling used electronics and ink cartridges for cash.

Recycling Bonus

If an account recycles qualifying items worth $150 or more in any one month, the account will automatically receive a $25 bonus.

20/20 Shipping Bonus

Each account receives a $5 bonus for sending at least 20 qualifying cells phones or at least 20 qualifying laser cartridges or a combination of the two (but no less than 20) in one box, (inkjets do not qualify for this bonus).

Recycle Forward streamlines the fundraising process so that the funds you earn can be used to purchase new technology directly on Digital Wish, like an online bank account. Just click on any of the menu links to get started.

If you have any questions about setting up a drive, acceptable recyclables, or shipping, please contact CFK:
Phone: (800) 420-0235
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (970) 612-2936

Want to know more? Check out this quick video on how Recycle Forward works:

About Cartridges for Kids™ - JACO Product Recovery Services
Cartridges for Kids (CFK) is an electronics recycling company that has worked with schools since 1999 and helped fundraise millions of dollars for education and other causes. Digital Wish has teamed up to bring the Recycle Forward program to American schools.

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