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Muscogee County, GA
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Academic Success Center
1112 29th St, Columbus, GA 31904-8224

Achievement Academy
5700 River Rd, Columbus, GA 31904-2879

Allen Elementary School
5201 23rd Ave, Columbus, GA 31904-5012

Arnold Middle School
2011 51st St, Columbus, GA 31904-6095

Ault Academy Anne Elizabeth Sh
751 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31904-2312

Baker Middle School
1215 Benning Dr, Columbus, GA 31903-2109

Benning Hills Elem School
190 Munson Dr, Columbus, GA 31903-4048

Bibb Elementary School
96 40th St, Columbus, GA 31904-6907

Blackmon Road Middle School
7251 Blackmon Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-4460

Blanchard Elementary School
3512 Weems Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-5899

Brewer Elementary School
2951 Martin Luther King Blvd, Columbus, GA 31906

Britt David Elem Magnet Acad
5801 Armour Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-4530

Brookstone School
440 Bradley Park Dr, Columbus, GA 31904-2989

Calvary Christian School
7556 Old Moon Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-1799

Carver High School
3100 8th St, Columbus, GA 31906-3397

Christian Heritage Academy
3564 Forest Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-2502

Clubview Elementary School
2836 Edgewood Rd, Columbus, GA 31906-1225

Columbus High School
1700 Cherokee Ave, Columbus, GA 31906-1499

Columbus SDA School
3700 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-2248

Columbus Technical College
928 Manchester Expwy, Columbus, GA 31904-6535

Cusseta Road Elementary School
4150 Cusseta Rd, Columbus, GA 31903-4499

Davis Elementary School
1822 Shepherd Dr, Columbus, GA 31906-4098

Dawson Elementary School
180 Northstar Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-6379

Dimon Elementary School
480 Dogwood Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-5436

Don C Faith Middle School
1375 Ingersoll St, Fort Benning, GA 31905-7200

Double Church Middle School
7611 Whitesville Rd, Columbus, GA 31904-2668

Double Churches Elem School
1213 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31904-2406

Downtown Elementary School
1400 1st Ave, Columbus, GA 31901-2122

East Columbus Academy
6100 Georgetown Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-7369

Easter Seal Ctr of W Georgia
PO Box 1690, Fortson, GA 31808-1690

Eastway Elementary School
4601 Buena Vista Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-4998

Eddy Middle School
2100 S Lumpkin Rd, Columbus, GA 31903-2730

Edgewood Christian School
1909 Morris Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-3325

Edgewood Elementary School
3835 Forrest Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-2646

Edward A White Elem School
300 1st Division Rd, Fort Benning, GA 31905-6627

Forrest Road Elem School
6400 Forrest Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-3007

Fort Middle School
2900 Woodruff Farm Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-6899

Fox Elementary School
3720 5th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904-7419

Frank R Loyd Elementary School
900 Santa Fe Rd, Fort Benning, GA 31905-7400

Freddie Stowers Elem School
7791 Stowers Dr, Fort Benning, GA 31905-3130

Gentian Elementary School
4201 Primrose Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-1198

Georgetown Elementary School
954 High Ln, Columbus, GA 31907-4699

Grace Christian School
2915 14th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904-8335

Hallie Turner Private School
PO Box 12008, Columbus, GA 31917-2008

Hannan Magnet Academy
1338 Talbotton Rd, Columbus, GA 31901-1334

Hardaway High School
2901 College Dr, Columbus, GA 31906-1299

Herbert Dexter Elem School
99 Yeager Ave, Fort Benning, GA 31905-6522

Johnson Elementary School
3700 Woodlawn Dr, Columbus, GA 31904-7251

Jordan Voc High School
3200 Howard Ave, Columbus, GA 31904-7857

Kendrick High School
6015 Georgetown Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-4698

Key Elementary School
2520 Broadmoor Dr, Columbus, GA 31903-3419

Lighthouse Christian Academy
3641 Norris Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-2165

Marshall Middle School
1830 Shepherd Dr, Columbus, GA 31906-4060

Martin Luther King Jr Elem Sch
350 30th Ave, Columbus, GA 31903-1566

Mathews Elementary School
7533 Lynch Rd, Midland, GA 31820-4011

Midland Academy
7373 Psalmond Rd, Midland, GA 31820-3629

Midland Middle School
6990 Warm Springs Rd, Midland, GA 31820-3606

Morris McBride Elem School
700 Custer Rd, Fort Benning, GA 31905-7402

Muscogee Elementary School
3900 Baker Plz Dr, Columbus, GA 31903-2199

Our Lady of Lourdes School
1973 Torch Hill Rd, Columbus, GA 31903-2735

Pacelli High School
3556 Trinity Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-3299

Redeemer Lutheran School
4700 Armour Rd, Columbus, GA 31904-5229

Reese Road Elementary School
3100 Reese Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-1610

Richard G Wilson Elem School
112 Lavoie Ave, Fort Benning, GA 31905-7523

Richards Middle School
2892 Edgewood Rd, Columbus, GA 31906-1225

Rigdon Road Elementary School
1282 Rigdon Rd, Columbus, GA 31906-2677

River Road Elementary School
516 Heath Dr, Columbus, GA 31904-4844

Rose Hill Center
435 21st St, Columbus, GA 31904-8811

Rothschild Middle School
1136 Hunt Ave, Columbus, GA 31907-3917

Saint Luke Child Dev Center
PO Box 867, Columbus, GA 31902-0867

Shaw High School
7601 Schomburg Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-1899

Shepherd Drive Jr Academy
1408 Shepherd Dr, Columbus, GA 31906-4029

South Columbus Elem School
1964 Torch Hill Rd, Columbus, GA 31903-2798

Spencer High School
4340 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA 31903-4199

St Anne School
2020 Kay Cir, Columbus, GA 31907-3298

St Mary's Elem Magnet School
4408 Saint Marys Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-6286

Teenage Parenting Ctr Waverly
2701 11th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904-8753

Thirteenth Ave Pre-School
151 30th Ave, Columbus, GA 31903-1701

Tillinghurst Adult Ed Center
514 Morris Rd, Columbus, GA 31906-4231

Veterans Memorial Middle School
2008 Old Guard Road, Columbus, GA 31909

Victorious Living Chapel Sch
1000 31st St, Columbus, GA 31904-7719

Waddell Elementary School
6101 Miller Rd, Columbus, GA 31907-1412

Wesley Heights Elem School
1801 Amber Dr, Columbus, GA 31907-4299

Westminster Christian School
2303 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31909-2619

Wynnton Elementary School
2303 Wynnton Rd, Columbus, GA 31906-2540