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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Adventures in Technology Grant - 05/2012 - Adventures in Technology! Incredible Lesson Plans for the Classroom - Book/CD Set ($19.95 value)
Deadline: Wed 05/16/2012 03:59:59 AM
Apply for the Adventures in Technology Grant for a chance to win a copy of the Adventures in Technology! Incredible Lesson Plans for the Classroom Book/CD Set !

To apply, simply develop and submit a technology-based lesson plan. The most creative and fun lesson plan incorporating technology will win!

Introduce new and exciting ways to integrate technology into your classroom curriculum! Tool Factory’s newest book Adventures in Technology includes 32 lesson plans designed to stretch students’ imagination and get them thinking creatively about the curriculum. Aligned to work independently or as a supplemental tool to Tool Factory Podcasting, Tool Factory Movie Maker, Tool Factory Workshop V3, and Flip Video technology tools. A bonus companion CD of editable worksheets lets teachers tailor every activity to their own curriculum.

Bonus CD Included:
Don’t forget the bonus CD! There’s a copy of every worksheet from the book included on CD. The worksheets are in an editable format to allow users to edit and personalize the worksheets to make them their own and match them to fit their classroom lessons!

By Educators, For Educators:
More than half of the lesson plans were inspired by original ideas from educators all across the country! Adventures in Classroom Technology is written to help you take your students on an exciting journey while also learning. Each lesson plans will demonstrate how everyday classroom curriculum can be enhanced using technology tools. Peak your students’ interests using the tools that they aspire to use!

The Lesson Plans:
We’ve divided the lesson plans into English, Math, Science and Social Studies chapters. Many of the lesson plans include cross-curricular applications to clue-you-in on ways to cover additional subjects and involve other classes in the projects. Educators can teach the lesson plans directly from the book, or make them their own by using the starter formats and editing them to meet their unique curriculum needs!

Mackenzie Sheahan
Shepherd Elementary School
Shepherd, MI
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