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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Fun with Phonics Grant - 02/2012 - Tool Factory Phonics 1 ($379.95 value)
Deadline: Thu 02/16/2012 04:59:59 AM
Apply for the Fun with Phonics Grant for a chance to win a network site license of Tool Factory Phonics 1!

To apply, simply develop and submit a technology-based lesson plan appropriate for grades K-1. The most creative and fun K-1 lesson plan incorporating technology will win!

Early readers will love the captivating stories and imaginative activities in Tool Factory Phonics 1! The first in a series of 4 CD-ROMS, Tool Factory Phonics 1 focuses on consonants, vowels, and h-digraphs. Every Tool Factory Phonics program follows an easy-to-use layout, based around 3 sequential activities for teaching each letter/sound relationship. Start by selecting a target sound from the group such as b. Listen to a captivating story that includes many b words. Next, students are challenged to find the b sound on each story page. Finally, learners will create words from a selection of letters and letter sounds with common distracters. Students will be captivated as they separate sounds into groups, select a sound and play the three activities for every sound!

Listen to the Poem:
Listen to the poem. The words highlight as they are spoken and the focus phoneme stays highlighted.

Find the Sound:
Click on all the focus sounds in the words. A counter at the side tells you how many more are still to be found.

Make Words:
Click and drag the letters into the white areas to make words. When all the possible words have been made the program will automatically move on to the next game.

Carla Adams
PlayWorks CDC
Morgantown, WV
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