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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Early Learners Grant - 02/2012 - Tool Factory Beep! Site License ($379.95 value)
Deadline: Wed 02/15/2012 07:40:43 AM
Apply for the Early Learners Grant for a chance to win a network site license of Tool Factory Beep!

To apply, simply develop and submit a technology-based lesson plan appropriate for grades K-2. The most creative and fun K-2 lesson plan incorporating technology will win!

Have you ever painted a picture that sings as you draw? Well now you can with Tool Factory Beep! Based on the themes of creative play and exploration, students get absolutely hooked on Beep! Activities encourage emerging learners to express their ideas, while developing important IT skills and building confidence with the computer. Navigate a maze and develop spatial orientation skills. Dress the creature and spark lively discussion. Use the word robot to develop word recognition. Animate characters with simple mouse clicks to build confidence. There are endless opportunities for creative thinking and discussion. Tool Factory Beep! is ideal for early learners, autism, and pre-readers. Clip art library included for printing and coloring.

Stacie Marsden
St Mary Catholic School
Newton, KS
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