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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Spring into STEM Skills! - Early Elementary STEM Software Bundle ($499.00 value)
Deadline: Sat 06/01/2013 03:59:59 AM
Create a lesson plan with a STEM focus for elementary students and submit the plan for this grant.

About STEM Software Bundle for Early Elementary (K-3)

Containing 12 great software titles, the Early Elementary STEM Bundle is a great addition to your teaching toolbox! With programs that address Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, this bundle covers all of the bases in a fun and engaging way for students in grades K-3.

Science titles for this bundle include:
  • Science Express: Life Processes
  • Science Express: Physical Processes
  • Virtual Experiments 1
  • All About Weather & Seasons
  • BBC Science Simulations 1
  • BBC Science Simulations 2
Technology titles for this bundle include:
  • Talking Topics V2
  • Flobot
  • Charlie Chimp's Big Modeling Party
Mathematics titles for this bundle include:
  • Fizzy's Number Skills
  • Bucket & Spade
  • Numeracy Bank 3


Rosa Rodriguez
PS 95 Eastwood
Jamaica, NY
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