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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Foreign Language - Spanish Keyboarding - Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure Site License in Spanish and 1 Spanish alphabet Keyboard ($724.00 value)
Deadline: Sat 02/01/2014 04:59:59 AM
Get this easy to use touch typing technology into your foreign language classrooms! Write and submit a lesson plan on improving student foreign language skills through keyboarding and you could be awarded a site license of Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure in Spanish and a Spanish alphabet keyboard.

About Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure

Embark on an action packed touch-typing adventure through the Australian Outback with your animated young guide Kewala the Koala! Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure includes 10 elementary-level units carefully designed to lead students through a progression of keyboarding skills in either English or Spanish. The first 8 adventures teach students to type with ten fingers while developing the ability to read while typing. Selected letter combinations are grouped to develop basic recognition and location knowledge. Then, lessons are constructed with complete Spanish sentences and become part of a developing storyline. Students type faster so Kewala will avoid constant perils and survive his journey to the Kingdom of Eaz!

The program illustrates proper posture and hand positioning for development of good ergonomic habits right from the beginning. The 9th and 10th challenges develop speed and accuracy with occasional nonsense words utilized to practice unusual letter combinations and develop concentration skills. Teacher controls include the ability to change font sizes, colors, select 2 spaces between sentences, and select hard return or space at the end of a line. Detailed tracking, reporting and class management features included. With clever commentary and enthusiasm Kewala motivates children to keep typing without ever knowing that they are learning!

See the program here: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/product?id=2152

Jaycie Holland
Robert Cross Middle School
Albany, GA
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