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Digital Wish Grant Winners

Elementary STEM Skills - Tool Factory Elementary STEM Bundle for K-3 (499.00 value)
Deadline: Fri 08/01/2014 03:59:59 AM
Create and submit an original lesson plan using STEM concepts in the classroom. Incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into your curriculum and become eligible for our STEM software bundle.
Complete Specifications of the Early Elementary STEM Bundle:

1 All About Weather and Seasons CD-ROM/License
1 BBC Science Simulations 1 CD-ROM/License
1 BBC Science Simulations 2 CD-ROM/License
1 Bucket & Spade CD-ROM/License
1 Charlie Chimp's Big Modeling Party CD-ROM/License
1 Fizzy's Number Skills CD-ROM/License
1 Flobot CD-ROM/License
1 Numeracy Bank 3 CD-ROM/License
1 Science Express: Life Processes CD-ROM/License
1 Science Express: Physical Processes CD-ROM/License
1 Talking Topics V2 CD-ROM/License
1 Virtual Experiments 1 CD-ROM/License

Catherine Canter
St Margaret Mary School
Slidell, LA
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