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Digital Wish Grants

Digital Discoveries: Lesson Plans using a Document Camera - HoverCam Solo 5 Document Camera ($199 value)
Deadline: Sat 06/30/2018 03:38:27 PM
Write and submit an original lesson plan that captures your most creative use of a document camera in the classroom. Your lesson plan could be selected as the winning entry for a HoverCam Solo 5 Document Camera.

HoverCam's most popular model is Solo 5, the world’s fastest 5-megapixel USB document camera. USB powered for convenience, it works with SMART, Promethean, PolyVision and other interactive whiteboards.

You can point Solo 5’s camera into any position and zoom up to 192X. Connect your computer to a projector to show live camera images to the whole class. Solo 5 includes HoverCam Flex software, feature-rich software for scanning, recording videos and grading multiple choice tests. All files are saved directly to the computer, easy to organize and share. Learn more about the Solo 5 here:


direct questions to [email protected]
This grant has not been awarded yet. Check back soon!