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Ms. Allie Chrisawn


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Neoprene Soft Case for Digital Cameras, $14.95, 0.00% raised
Neoprene Soft Case for Digital Cameras
Single Unit Why I need this:
This case would be wonderful to house my classroom camera in, so that it would always be safe.
Quantity: 1 Price: $14.95
Recommended for all Olympus FE and Stylus model cameras, plus many other brands.

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Ms. Allie Chrisawn
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Sparta Elementary School
Class Information:
5th Grade Science/Math Teacher
Personal Information:
About Me:
This is my second year teaching, and I absolutely love it! I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a very young child, and am fulfilling my dreams now!
College and Degrees:
I attended Appalachian State University, where I graduated from in 2006 with honors.
I love to spend time with my family and friends, and play with my dog, Lillie. :)
Favorite Books:
Amelia Bedilia or Junie B. Jones
In addition to teaching science and social studies, I am also very interested in learning more about the health. My mom is a doctor, and I have always been intrigued by her job.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because I love spending time with children, and watching them understand something for the first time in a new way.
Percent of Students are:
     At-risk: 40 %
     Average: 25 %
     High-achiever: 10 %
     Special Needs: 25 %