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Ms. Dione Williams


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Creating a podcast allows students to share learning experiences. It prodvides them with a world-wide audience that makes learning meaningful and assessment authentic. Teachers can use the technology to provide additional and revision material to students to download and review at a time that suits them. This flexibility makes this a valuable educational tool.
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Ms. Dione Williams
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Edwin P Todd Elem School
Loris, SC
Class Information:
Room Number: 602
Students per Class: 45
Class Description:
I teach two sixth grade Social Studies and ELA classes. The studens in these classes from from mid to low socio-economic homes. Often at times, students use our school as an "escape" from reality. By teaching, I offer my students a way to get away from the rest of the world and I drive them to focus on the excitement and the rewarding aspects of learning.
ELA/SS Teacher
A mobile podcasting lab and an external hard drive
My Philosophy:
The enthusiasm that a teacher reflects can have a strong impact on students in the classroom. By nature, teachers need to be humorous, outgoing, cheerful, and honest. It may not feel like it at times, but rather we like it or not, teachers are role models and students watch every move that is made. This allows me to conduct myself in a way that allows me to be a good example. My classroom should be fun, warm, and inviting. It should be a cheerful place for me as well as my students. I believe that a healthy classroom is one that allows parents open access at any time to observe, volunteer, and visit. A childís success is often determined by parental involvement and expectations; I hope to provide as much opportunity for interaction as possible. Parents and students should be empowered and they should empower one another I also believe that enthusiasm is also vital to student motivation. I think that motivation is learned by example. It is my sincere wish that every student that passes through my classroom can become an independent, responsible, self-motivated individual. I believe that I am an innovative teacher. I integrate technology to enhance learning. I use the interactive board in my instruction, computers for research, and programs to develop assessment methods. I believe I am a constructivist teacher who promotes inquiry throughout all disciplines. I use the backwards design approach to develop my curriculum and drive my instruction. When developing age appropriate assessments I refer to Bloomís levels identified in the cognitive domain and encourage children to reach the highest level. Based on assessment results I modify the curriculum or re-teach. I am able to identify a studentís strengths and weaknesses and build upon them. Assessments help me to communicate with parents and assist them in improving their childís academic abilities. My job as the educator is to encourage, challenge, and provide a positive learning environment for my children. Because my idea of the perfect teacher is one who inspires learning in addition to just relating the required facts. A certain amount of creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation is required of all teachers. Certainly, this is a tall order for anyone in a profession on a daily basis. However, considering that children are our future, the effort is worth it.
Personal Information:
About Me:
Since the first day of kindergarten, I told my mom that I wanted to make other children feel special and excite them about learning, like my teacher did to me....Well I probably didn't say those "exact" words at the age of 5, but that's how I felt. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher and professionally, my little "dream" has become a reality and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
College and Degrees:
USC Upstate- Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts Converse College- Elementary Education , Masters in Education LesleyUniversity- Technology in Education, Masters in Education
Favorite Quotes:
"Failures are successes that are not tried."
Any and everything educational
Employment History:
I have been teaching in Spartanburg District 7 for 6 years.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach to make a difference that will impact and endure over a lifetime.