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Ms. Diane Weisen


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Ms. Diane Weisen
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PS 120
Class Information:
Room Number: Lower Science
Students per Class: Grades 2 and 3
Class Description:
My students represent children from all over the world and speak the languages of 27 countries. This internation diversity affords all of us the opportunity to learn from each other.
science teacher
At 81% poverty level, few have ever had experience with digital cameras or supplies. Most are latch-key children or they go to afterschool programs where their are very few digitally based activities. They love to read science books and would love to be able to create their own photojournalisticnon-fiction books to share with friends and families.
Personal Information:
About Me:
Ms. Weisen is a multi- level teacher, a multi- media artist, and a multi- genre writer. She received her BFA at Hartford University and her Masters of Fine Arts and Education from Stony Brook University. Her “Fabric Paintings” inspire children to be creative in their thinking and to explore unusual media for self expression. She uses digital photography to help bring the beauty of the world back to her studio.