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Mrs. Kim Kneece


My Wishlist

Olympus PEN E-PL2 DSLR Quality Camera, $599.95, 0.00% raised
2 GB xD Card
Single Unit Why I need this:
The xD card will store the photographs taken by my students so they will be readily available to use in software applications.
Quantity: 1 Price: $24.95
Store your digital images!

Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe V3
Single Unit Why I need this:
I want to enhance my lessons and teach my students to create projects and complete activities using the computer. This software will help me integrate technology into every content area I teach.
Quantity: 1 Price: $119.95
Get 8 child-friendly programs for all your IT needs!

Olympus PEN E-PL2 DSLR Quality Camera
Single Unit Why I need this:
I take lots of pictures of my students. We print them and display them with writing samples, or we put them in class books to share with our families. I currently use my personal camera (which is very similar to this one) to take pictures at school. I would really like to have this digital camera kit to keep in my classroom. Then I would always be prepared to capture the learning and memories for my students.
Quantity: 1 Price: $599.95
The PEN E-PL2 continues the PEN family’s legacy of a small, light and simple design, intuitive interface and DSLR image quality and expands your creative potential with new lens technology, Live Guide, and new in-camera creative features for incredibly beautiful and easy phtography adn HD video.

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Here is the technology that Kim Kneece has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: End of School Push - 11/2008
Mrs. Kim Kneece
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Pelion Elementary School
Pelion, SC
Class Information:
Room Number: 148
Students per Class: 12
Class Description:
Engergetic and enthusiastic first graders
1st grade teacher
Personal Information:
About Me:
College and Degrees:
M.Ed. in Divergent Learning from Columbia College; BA in Early Childhood Education from USC-Aiken
I enjoy reading, singing, and spending time with my family.
Favorite Books:
anything by Karen Kingsbury
Favorite Quotes:
"As long as you are a teacher, even on your worst day on the job, you are still some students' best hope."
Why Do I Teach?:
I love making a positive difference in the lives of children.
Number of students I teach:: 12 students