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Ms. Cherie Daniel


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Ms. Cherie Daniel
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Del Valle Opportunity Center
Class Information:
Students per Class: 50
Class Description:
10th grade English Language Arts where we learn about the English language, composition skills, critical thinking and analysis, and understanding history and socio-cultural issues.
My Digital Story is an innovative project that encourages students to write and create a digital story . Each story can be a way for students to express, communicate and develop as individuals. My students are poverty level and at-risk but love the challenge of technology and being able to express their own story through words, pictures, music and video
My Philosophy:
Every student has an opportunity to learn and learning any subject begins with a foundation of language arts. I consider the skills of literacy, reading, writing, literary analysis and communication to be a fundamental foundation on which learning can be built and expanded upon. Teaching can be about motivating students to build a strong foundation for themselves. Students entrust teachers with their development, be it attitude, personal beliefs or identity. My goals are to help students learn self confidence, an appreciation and passion for new ideas, and to think creatively and critically. I hope that I can motivate my students to grasp onto a love of learning as I show them the possibilities beyond the classroom and into their world.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a writer, naturalist, artist, and dreamer. I like to consider myself an eternal student, as I love to explore, ask questions and learn more about the world.
College and Degrees:
During my college career, I spent time in the St. Lawrence River valley of New York and in the Back Bay area of Boston, Massachusetts.
Favorite Books:
The Rainbow Goblins, Alice in Wonderland, The Awakening, Innocent Traitor, Water for Elephants, so many more...
Favorite Quotes:
Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ~Chinese Proverb