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Ms. Laura Johnson


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Ms. Laura Johnson
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Johnson High School
Austin, Texas
Class Information:
Room Number: 152
Students per Class: 130
Class Description:
Biology, AP Biology, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Physics, and Pre-AP Physics. I work at a high needs campus considered a Title I High School. Our student make-up consists of special ed, ESL, and a 100% minority student body.
Science Teacher
Technology for our classrooms. Our student have limited access to any types of technology. There are no computers in our classes and in order to use the computer lab you must sign up in advance at least 2 months ahead of time. We lack science equipment in general. I basically have no science equipment what-so-ever. There is one sink out of six that works in my room. The safety shower is broken, the eyewash is broken and the chemical hood vents right back into the class air. Some science lab indeed. And I'm supposed to teach labs 40% of the time. Not unless I get some equipment, and fix the nonfunctioning items.
My Philosophy:
I believe that technology is the key to getting students re-interested in learning. We live in a digital age and our students are digital learners. The educational profession recognizes this but doesn't fund the building of digitally competent classrooms. My hope is to get enough funding from outside sources so that I can use technology in my classes to get my students excited about learning science again.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I'm 25 years old and this is my first year teaching. I took on the responsibilty of teaching a high needs campus hoping to reach out to kids who need highly qualified adults to teach them. I teach four different classes (Pre-AP Physics, Physics, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Biology). Unfortunently I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer half way into the year adding more pressure. Luckily the chemothereapy is working and my tumors are shrinking. My students have been really supportive of me missing school and are really excited that I'll be in remission and back in action next fall. I'm going to be teaching an AP Biology class next fall and am trying to get grants to build up equipment for my class.
College and Degrees:
University of Texas Bachelor of Sciencec in Neurobiology
UIL Science, Softball League, Oil Painting, Digital Photography, Gearheads Motorcycle club, Green Thumb Gardener, Texas Exes
Favorite Books:
Little Women, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Son of the Revolution, Where the Wild Things Are, The Odyssey
science, writing, reading, painting, drawing, digital art, interior design, gardening, motorcycles, camping, going to museums, travelling, dashunds, siamese cats, movies, music
Employment History:
University of Texas - Calculus Student Assistant (1yr) Universityof Texas - Undergraduate Lab Assistant (0.5yrs) Universityof Texas - Student Lab Assistant (2.5 yrs) University of Texas - Assistant Lab Coordinator (2 yrs) Akins High School Long Term Science Substitute(0.5yrs) LBJHigh School Science Teacher (1yr)
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because someone very wise once taught me. I'd like the chance to give back all I have been given and learned. Our schools systems seem to be falling apart. Every year students are arriving at adulthood unprepared for college, careers, and living in general. Teaching is an unappreciated field where once it held great respect. I want to help rectify all that is wrong with education in everyway I can including getting as many students as possible ready to take on the world at large while I still have time. You never know with cancer and I didn't go through all that schooling and learning everything I have to not pass it on to someone else. I'm hard pressed to teach as much as I can in the given time I have left alive.