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Keywords: Book report, advertisements, song, illustration
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Art, Technology, Photography
Grades K through 6
School: Carl G Lauro Elementary School, Providence, RI
Planned By: Maria Morin
Original Author: Maria Morin, Providence
Students will create a book advertisement that will be displayed prominently in our school and posted on our website to generate excitement about reading and using the library.

Students will complete a book report plan after reading their selected book. The completed plan includes information about the title, author and illustrator, a short summary of the story, a statement about why someone would want to read the book,and main selling points of the book. Once complete, students have to choose a form of advertisement - a poster, scene from the book, rap song, poem, etc.

The completed advertisement must contain the information in the book report plan as well as any additional information the student decides to include. All advertisements must have pictures or drawings to support the story or character, with the exception of rap songs. They will be recorded and lyrics will be printed and posted.

I am the Library Media Specialist at the largest elementary school in the Providence School District. We have over 850 students PK-6 (Bilingual, ESL, Special Ed, Regular Ed). Over 96% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. This lesson plan targets second and third graders in my current project but can be applied to all grades.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Slideshow, Clipart, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries
Other Items: 1 HP Officejet Pro L7680 Color All-in-One, $399.99 each, total of $399.99
1 HP 88 Inkjet Print Cartridge Combo Pack, $39.99 each, total of $39.99
1 HP 88XL Black Ink Cartridge, $34.99 each, total of $34.99
1 HP Hi-Speed USB Cable a-b, 6' (1.8 m), $19.99 each, total of $19.99