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Keywords: holidays, interviews
Subject(s): Social Studies, Art, Music, Journalism, Photography
Grades P-K through 6
School: Sage Community School, Chiloquin, OR
Planned By: Bridget Baril
Original Author: Bridget Baril, Chiloquin
Students will record family traditions by interviewing family members and collecting things like recipes, photogrophs, and songs. A class book will be created and then we will present what we have learned at our Christmas program.
This is part of our placed based education plan. Students can use voice recorders to interview family mambers, cameras to photograph people and iems, like christmas trees, and decorations. Video cameras can be used to record our final presentation so students may reveiw and share what they have learned.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Word Processor, Video Editing, Digital Voice Recorders