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The Food Pyramid

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Keywords: Health, Food Pyramid, Nutrition
Subject(s): Life Science, Technology, Health and PE, Biology, Science, Math
Grade 3
School: Millers Creek Primary School, Millers Creek, NC
Planned By: Dawn Hogestyn
Original Author: Dawn Hogestyn, Millers Creek
Students will begin a study of the food pyramid to develop a greater understanding of the importance of healthy eating choices.

To help with learning how to make healthy meal choices, students will photograph the different foods served at the school cafeteria for breakfasts and lunches for the period of one week. They will then use the photographs to place foods in the appropriate sections of the food pyramid on our interactive SMART Board.

From here they will determine the extent to which the meals served are healthy and represent good menus based on general recommended daily allowances of the different food groups.

Each day they will also graph information collected from the class showing the foods that the students actually ate at breakfast and lunch to compare to what was served. This information will then lead to a discussion of healthy meals being served as compared to healthy meals being consumed.
Links: Link to Food Pyramid
Materials: Word Processor, Science, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Point and Shoot, Mobile Labs, Slideshow