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Green Thumb Research

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Keywords: plants, science, germination, life cycle
Subject(s): Earth Science, Photography, Science
Grades 3 through 5
School: Bonne Ecole Elementary School, Slidell, LA
Planned By: Donna Jones
Original Author: Donna Jones, Slidell
Start with the introduction of a plant growth cycle from seed to plant. Discuss the terms with students that they will need to know during each stage of growth.
Discuss with students how long the process usually takes.

Have each student make a research journal out of construction paper and regular notebook paper.

Give each student a seed and discuss germination. Have students make predictions about how long it will take, what will they see or notice and what each stage will look like. Have them record this information in their journals. Assign each pair or group of students a digital camera. Have the students take pictures of their seeds. Tell them that they are going to take pictures of their plants as they record data about the growth of their plant each day. Show students how to download their pictures each day from their camera into a file with their group name on the computer. Make sure each student labels the pictures with the date it was taken. Have students continue this process each day, recording what they see and notice in their journal with the proper date. Have them also download the pictures taken each day on to the computer. When the seeds have sprouted a plant (or at your discression) instruct the students to organize their notes and pictures into a powerpoint presentation, including the proper vocabulary and terms, about the growth of their plant from seed to flower.

Have the students present their findings to the rest of the class. Grade each presentation using a rubric.
This process will enable students to add proof to their research and teach them how to use photographs as part of their research.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flash/USB Drives, Office Suite
Other Items: 10 Digital Cameras, $149.00 each, total of $1490.00